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A Child Called "It" Also see Alternate Cover Editions for this ISBN ACEACEThis book chronicles the unforgettable account of one of the most severe child abuse cases in California history It is the story of Dave Pelzer, who was brutally beaten and starved by his emotionally unstable, alcoholic mother a mother who played tortuous, unpredictable games games that left him nearly dead He had to learn how to play his mother s games in order to survive because she no longer considered him a son, but a slave and no longer a boy, but an it Dave s bed was an old army cot in the basement, and his clothes were torn and raunchy When his mother allowed him the luxury of food, it was nothing than spoiled scraps that even the dogs refused to eat The outside world knew nothing of his living nightmare He had nothing or no one to turn to, but his dreams kept him alive dreams of someone taking care of him, loving him and calling him their son

10 thoughts on “A Child Called "It"

  1. Laura Laura says:

    This book is very likely made up from start to finish The events in it read like Pelzer imagined the worst child abuse possible and then said, And it all happened to me Yeah, right His brother and grandmother said in an interview that it was all rubbish, too, which castsdoubt upon the whole thing Pelzer also bought his own book in bulk so the sales numbers wo

  2. TK421 TK421 says:

    This book was horrible Period A waste of my time You see, what really pisses me off with this book is this I have known kids that have come from horribly abusive situations that aregenuine than Pelzer is in his memoir The stories of his life in this book contradict one another, are extremely over the top and, dare I say, fabricated some Now, before anyone want

  3. Eric Eric says:

    this book was the hostel , or saw IV of memoirs i don t really know why i read it it was free, first of all and, i guess like any normal human being, i cannot look away from a trainwreck a child called it is not very well written you walk away withquestions than you do answers you don t really learn anything you do, however, come away with having read some very

  4. Briynne Briynne says:

    Easily the most terrifying book I ve ever read I think I had literally repressed the memory of it, until I randomly happened across the title this week I experienced this book in a fairly odd way, during a week long cheerleading camp my sopho year of high school My coach was reading it and somehow ended up reading the entire book aloud to my squad during breaks

  5. Kohei Kohei says:

    A Child Called It HCI, 1995 9.95By Dave Pelzer ISBN 1558743669 One very common issue that goes around in our world is child abuse, it happens everywhere and it is something that is horrible and cannot be stopped Dave Pelzer, the author of the autobiographical book, A Child Called It, shows the very dark corners of child abuse by viewing to the readers his horrifi

  6. Maria Elmvang Maria Elmvang says:

    I did not like this book But that s okay You re not supposed to like it It s a horrible, horrible book A trainwreck of a book I wanted to look away, but just couldn t I know it s the first part in a trilogy, but I doubt I m going to read the other two books It was too, too depressing.Actually, the person I got most angry with was the father The mother was obviousl

  7. `. kateelynn * `. kateelynn * says:

    Oh my god, what can I possibly say about this book When I first started reading this book last year, I was just so hooked to it and I just wanted to know everything about this book It was all about this author s childhood gone horrible with the extreme abuse, the torture and suffering I really couldn t believe my eyes, the author described like, everything he went

  8. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    I ve sat with this book on my desk for a couple weeks, unable to decide what I would write for a review I m wholly torn between this being one of my most asked for and least favorite ever titles I wish the amount of times I heard this was the first book I liked and the amount of times it s been billed stolen from the library corresponded to its quality, but I truly

  9. Whitney Atkinson Whitney Atkinson says:

    It feels wrong quantifying this with a star rating, but this book was one of the oldest on my TBR and I m glad I got to it I do with that this trilogy was consolidated into one book with the author s current day perspective sprinkled it, because as is, it s a short collection of what happened to him without any real perspective or understanding of it until a tacked o

  10. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Why the hell did I pick this book up It was depressing as hell and it was poorly written It chronicles the abuse this little boy named David went through as a child And I think abuse is too mild a term for what he went through It was horrible Reading the torture he endured at the hand of his own family was painful I came away from this book depressed And I had several

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