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A Journey of Body and Soul In this touching biography, a father tells his daughter s story with candor Anna Vu was born in , in the midst of the Vietnam War Amidst the hardship and poverty of her people, she dreams of becoming a doctor and one day giving back to themWhen her family emigrates from Vietnam to America in , Anna experiences new challenges with cultural and language barriers as she begins the next part of her journey But Anna is determined to reach her goals as she searches for her life s purpose Along the way, she struggles to overcome stereotypes and prejudice She wrestles with understanding the afterlife, and she longs for true love and the trust to welcome itTo many, what Anna experiences would be considered unfair and unjust But her deep sense of faith allows her to see life s challenges as lessons provided for her growth as a human beingAnna displays an incredible tenacity in her search for truth, happiness, and understanding her story is an inspiration to all

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  1. Carol J Carol J says:

    This book came to me as a Good Reads Giveaway I thought it was well written and really gave a good background of how the Vietnam war influenced the lives of this family Their family history gave a personal face to the difficulties that so many people suffered Hard choices were made and they brought about the changes and growth that are shared in this story.This story is not just about survival and making a new life in a new country The personal, professional and spiritual growth

  2. thePromoParrot thePromoParrot says:

    A Journey of Body and Soul by Trach Ba Vu is a deeply touching memoir that tells the story of his daughter which is also a reflection of his experiences with war and death.It is a beautiful story, riveting right through out the book and leaves the reader gasping for breath at the end If you love stories of triumph, loss and life, you will surely enjoy this book.

  3. Diane Diane says:

    I enjoyed this book 3 1 2 stars The story being written by her father was an interesting twist I especially appreciate the opportunity to get a bit of historical information on the Vietnam War and the author s Anna s thoughts, experience and questions relating to the wars, religion, life, death and afterlife It was all very interesting and thought provoking I feel that having lived through so much hardship in her and her family s life and her behavior in response that she must be an excep I

  4. Aza Marael Aza Marael says:

    A Journey of Body and Soul is a touching story, with many unbelievable and tragic experiences that happened to an actual person The overall reason plot for the story is fantastic and well thought out.The voice of the story can be dry at times, especially in a certain area in the beginning that makes it hard to get through Once past these points, the book becomes quite hard to put down.For someone who s native language is not English and is writing from his daughter s point of view, this book i A

  5. rebecca rebecca says:

    I love this woman I am pleased and humbled to announce that I know Anna I always knew she was incredibly human when she would take breaks with us nurses We could talk about anything with her and her genuine concern for any of her nurses was so evident I hurt for her when I heard of Omer s passing, no longer one of her nurses at the hospital, I heard about her tragedy through my partner, Dianne, one of Anna s nurses After reading this, I know that her presence in our lives is a gift I love this woman I

  6. Bick Tran-truong Bick Tran-truong says:

    A story of the hardships and struggles of immigrating to America, the tale told in the novel A Journey of Body and Soul inspires readers through a touching story that gives readers a glimpse into the life of Anna Vu This novel was a heartwarming story, often bringing tears to my eyes Also a Vietnamese immigrant, this book brought back numerous memories of my own personal experiences of living in Vietnam during the Vietnam War and what my family went through during the events such as the fall o A story of the

  7. Margaret Isadore Margaret Isadore says:

    This was a tremendous book, as the author notes, for body and soul Trach Ba Vu tells the bio of his daughter in a clear, consise manner that makes you look inside your soul for the true meaning of life, of love, and the spiritual possibilities within us Truly a recommended read

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