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A Labor of Love labor English French Dictionary WordReference Labor Department n noun Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc US government department ministre du Travail nm nom masculin s utilise avec les articles le, l devant une voyelle ou un h Labour English French Dictionary WordReference labor US , labour UK vi intransitive verb Verb not taking a direct object for example, She jokes He has arrived do hard work travailler dur vi adv Medieval peasants spent their whole lives laboring Les paysans au Moyen ge passaient leur vie travailler dur labor to do sth US , LABOR signification, dfinition dans le dictionnairelabor dfinition, signification, ce qu est laborUS spelling of labourthe Labor Party, an Australian political party that believes in social En savoir plus labor Traduction franaise Lingueeframework that regulates labor relations and, on a broader level, modernizing our labor market A Labor of LoveIMDb Directed by Robert Flaxman, Daniel Goldman With Anna Welsh, Robin Rutledge, Joel Cohn, Larry Hovde Fly on the wall documentary about the making of The Last Affair, which was an independent feature made in Chicago, Illinois with a stipulation mandated by its financial backers that it had to include explicit hardcore sex scenes in order to capitalize on the porno chic trend which wasTraduction labor franais Dictionnaire anglais Reverso Suppose involuntarily imported labor had never been outlawed Supposons que la force de travail involontaire n ait pas t interdite It s called Mechanization or the automation of labor Cela s appelle la mcanisation, ou l automatisation du travail High speed production can reduce considerable labor costs La production grande vitesse peut rduire les cots de main d uvreLabor of love Idioms by The Free Dictionary Definition of labor of love in the Idioms Dictionary labor of love phrase What does labor of love expression mean Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary What does labor of love expression mean Labour vs Labor grammar Labor is also the process of childbirth from the start of uterine contractions to delivery His sister went to labor at the party Labor as verb Labor is used as a verb in English too where it mostly means to work hard or to make great effort They labored from dawn to dusk To have difficulty in doing something despite working hard is also called labor labour Traduction franaise Linguee labour GB verbe USA labor travailler v peiner v trimer v fam besogner v vieil Exemples child labour GB n travail des enfants m labour costs GB pl cot salarial m labour dispute GB n conflit de travail m labour standards GB pl normes de travail pl f division of labour GB n rpartition des tches f partage du travail m unit labour costs pl

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Along with the name Dallas Mayo, Kimberly Kemp was a pseudonym used by Gilbert Fox, who authored a number of lesbian pulp novels through the 1960s and 1970s.

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