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A Mad, Wicked Folly There is an alternate cover edition for this ASIN hereWelcome to the world of the fabulously wealthy in London where dresses and houses are overwhelmingly opulent, social class means everything, and women are taught to be nothing than wives and mothers Into this world comes seventeen year old Victoria Darling, who wants only to be an artist a nearly impossible dream for a girl After Vicky poses nude for her illicit art class, she is expelled from her French finishing school Shamed and scandalized, her parents try to marry her off to the wealthy Edmund Carrick Humphrey But Vicky has other things on her mind her clandestine application to the Royal College of Art her participation in the suffragette movement and her growing attraction to a working class boy who may be her muse or may be the love of her life As the world of debutante balls, corsets, and high society obligations closes in around her, Vicky must figure out just how much is she willing to sacrifice to pursue her dreams

About the Author: Sharon Biggs Waller

Sharon Biggs Waller is the recipient of the Friends of American Writers award and the author of A Mad, Wicked Folly Viking and The Forbidden Orchid Viking , both of which have garnered multiple starred reviews and awards Her upcoming novel is a young adult contemporary called Girls on the Verge Holt, April 2019 She s also a magazine journalist and has written several non fiction books about horses The Original Horse Bible Fox Chapel Publishing , Advanced English Riding Lumina Media , and In One Arena Half Halt Press Previously, she worked as a riding instructor at the Royal Mews in Buckingham Palace In addition to writing, she is a dressage rider and trainer and Planned Parenthood volunteer She lives on a ten acre sustainable farm in the Midwest with her husband, Mark.Visit her at www.sharonbiggswaller.com

10 thoughts on “A Mad, Wicked Folly

  1. Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies says:

    I never set out to pose nude I didn t, honestlyOh, what was that I m sorry Did your clothes accidentally fall off by themselves Were you wearing the Emperor s New Clothes Oh, wait, no You took off your clothes to prove that you re the equal of all the male artists despite the fact that the thought of strip

  2. Hailey (Hailey in Bookland) Hailey (Hailey in Bookland) says:

    Sitting between a 3 and a 3.5 on this one It was good, I liked the characters and the concept a lot, but it was a bit boring because it was too long.

  3. Trina (Between Chapters) Trina (Between Chapters) says:

    I don t remember why I marked this as want to read, but I ended up reading this because I asked for random numbers on Twitter to choose my TBR and this is one of the books chosen I tend to have a hard time enjoying most historical fiction, but I really enjoyed this There is a case of the main character often saying she isn

  4. Delee Delee says:

    A MAD, WICKED FOLLY comes out TODAY This is Sharon Biggs Waller s first fiction novel, and what a fantabulous debut it is The title perfect The cover stunning I was hooked from the first page image error Victoria Darling has wanted to be an artist ever since she set eyes on John William Waterhouse s painting A Mermaid and for awhile

  5. Christina (A Reader of Fictions) Christina (A Reader of Fictions) says:

    There s a special place in my heart for the books that leave me with a huge, goofy grin on my face Seriously, you should see me right now, because I look like a fool And I am one hundred percent okay with that, because this book was so fluffy and feminist and wonderful A Mad, Wicked Folly exceeded all of my expectations, managing to be both

  6. Gillian Berry Gillian Berry says:

    I WANT TO HUG THIS BOOK BECAUSE I LOVE IT SO.Originally posted at Writer of WrongsRating A delightful and romantic historical novel A must read This book Oh, I adored this book It s everything I want in a historical novel It focuses on characters and plot and never bogs you down with historical information The information just seeps into your brain a

  7. Meg Meg says:

    4.5 starsI m sitting here trying to figure out what was my favorite bit of A Mad Wicked Folly It s quite difficult because this book is fantabulous from all angles and I can t really pinpoint what, if anything, rises above the rest.Vicky, the protagonist, is amazing She s stubborn, she s sassy, she s a tad naive and she s brave as all hell Seriously, she pose

  8. Debby Hammer Debby Hammer says:

    Not just a Goodread, but a great read This spoke to me in so many ways When at university I took a Women s Studies course there and learned the basics Also, Gloria Steinem came and spoke This book will let you in and draw you out.

  9. Louisa Louisa says:

    Why is it so absurd I can illustrate as well as any man These are modern times, and women are still treated as nothing but pretty dolls or lapdogs4.5 stars It s a mad, wicked folly how few people seem to know of this Picture a wonderfully written historical YA with incredibly strong main and supporting characters, set in a time when women s rights were basically non existent T

  10. Giselle Giselle says:

    An Advanced Reader Copy was provided by the publisher for review Quotes pulled from the ARC may be incorrect and may be subject to change.The description on the back of A Mad, Wicked Folly doesn t do this book any justice It s a must read for any female who wants to educate themselves in the suffragette movement A time in history where women were subjected to such inequality.I can t be

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