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Blood and Guts I freaking loved how bloody this one was Don t trust the white rabbit He is playing everyone But why What is his plan I gave the first two issues a glance Not that intrigued to continue reading. The adventures of Alice in Wonderland continue Having escaped from the clutches of the Jabberwocky, Alice sets off on a journey through the realm of madness and terror Along the way she befriends another strange captive of this world and will quickly learn that not everyone is what they seem From the same minds behind the hit Return To Wonderland trilogy comes the newest series that every Zenescope fan has been waiting for Follow us back down the rabbit hole and re discover Wonderland Alice In Wonderland #2

About the Author: Raven Gregory

Executive Editor Staff Writer of Zenescope EntertainmentRaven Gregory was born in Phoenix, Arizona in 1979, the youngest of three brothers.Discovered in 2000 by then Vice President of Publishing at Top Cow Productions, Renae Geerlings, his first professionally published work was the critically acclaimed creator owned independent comic series, The Gift, in 2003 The hit series would later be published by Image Comics as the writers popularity continued to grow.Years later, the young writer would come to attention of Zenescope Editor in Chief and co founder, Ralph Tedesco, who recruited the writer to the newly created position of Executive Editor and Staff Writer of Zenescope Entertainment Gregory would go on to co create and write the best selling Wonderland Trilogy series with fellow co creators Joe Brusha President CCO , and Ralph Tedesco as well as numerous other Grimm Fairy Tales spin offs, Crossovers and Creator Owned titles.Known for his incredibly dark, yet realistic stories of horror, the writer s use of relatable personal tragedy, and powerful themes have made the writer a fan favorite creator across the nation.After suffering the loss of a close friend to a car accident in June 2012, and the death of his ex wife and mother of his children, Kourtney Keiser, to a hit and run accident one year later in 2013 Raven began work on his most personal story to date entitled NO TOMORROW The story is currently set to debut August 28th, 2013.Upon the debut issue s release it will be the 200th published story by the writer.Raven lives in Arizona with his four children, a Pitbull named Wacko, and a Chichuana named Zombie.Best selling fan picks The Wonderland trilogy, FLY, The Theater, Irresistible, and the Dream Eater Saga

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