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Almanca Dersi Bir slahevinde bulunan Siggi Jepsen, Almanca dersinde verilen g rev tutkusu konulu kompozisyon devini yapmad i in cezaland r l r Ancak Siggi nin gerek esi, bu konuda anlatacak ok eyinin olmas d r Kasaban n polisi olan babas ,te nasyonal sosyalistler taraf ndan ressam Max Ludwig Nansen i resim yapmaktan men etmek ve yasa a uyup uymad n denetlemekle g revlendirilmi tir Ald talimatlar harfiyen ve hi sorgulamadan yerine getirmekte teredd t etmeyen polis, bu g rev ini sava tan sonra bile s rd rmekte kararl d r a da Alman edebiyat n n klasikle mi isimlerinden biri olan Siegfried Lenz in en nemli eseri say lan ve t m d nyada yo un ilgi g ren Almanca Dersi, Turner tablolar ndaki sessiz f rt nalar and r yor Yaln zca itaat etmeyi bilenler emir verebilir, diyor Lenz Almanca Dersi nde l s z bir evkle itaat edenleri ele al rken, insan n g rev duygusunun tak nt halini ald nda ne kadar rpertici sonu lar olaca n da g zler n ne seriyor

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  1. Jan-Maat Jan-Maat says:

    There s been many a one, the old postman said, who s saved himself just by not doing his duty at the right time Then he s never done his duty at all, my father said curtly In the far North West of Schleswig Holstein, just below the Danish border, the village policeman is intent on carrying out his duty by preventing the artist Nansen apparently modelled on Emil Nolde from painting The real Nol

  2. Nerdles Mcfralerstein Nerdles Mcfralerstein says:

    What struck me so strongly when I began reading this was the prose It was unlike anything I d read yet I found myself reading snippets to my roommate out loud so I could share the use of imagery, detail, and language Most reviews I ve seen on here give a brief synopsis, and that s very nice, but it doesn t tell why the book is so amazing I picked it up at a used book store without any prior knowle

  3. Seth Seth says:

    Unfortunately, I must update this review to reflect a report in the German weekly Die Zeit that Emil Nolde, the artist who inspired this novel, was a Nazi sympathizer read this novel some time ago, but since it is one of my favorites, I thought I would call it to your attention if you have not heard of it The German Lesson, written by Siegfried Lenz in 1968, is one of the seminal works of post war Ger

  4. Robert Wechsler Robert Wechsler says:

    I finally picked this book off my shelves when I read that Siegfried Lenz died at the age of 88 Boy, was I fortunate What I found most special about Lenz s masterpiece is the way he used description not just to describe or set up a scene, but to complement thoughts and action, often metaphorically I generally don t like a lot of description, but Lenz s descriptions are wonderfully offbeat, sometimes breat

  5. El El says:

    The story begins in a juvenile detention center where Siggi Jepsen narrates the plot He is to write an essay on duty, and through the course of the copybooks he details his childhood in Nazi Germany, his relationship with his father, a police officer, and his friendship with an older artist friend When his father s duty is to shut down the paper friend, Siggi takes it upon himself to save as many of the paint

  6. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    This is my number one book It s about a painter who is forbidden to paint during the Third Reich The story is told throught he eyes of a young boy whose father is responsible for making sure that the painter does not paint at all Instead, the painter painstakingly paints them in his mind s eye Some of these paintings he eventually executes and then hides The descriptions are vivid, the reader can see these wonder

  7. John Hatley John Hatley says:

    One of Siegfried Lenz s most famous novels, it is also one of my favourites by a favourite author The questions addressed are as applicable today as they were 51 years ago.

  8. Lara Lara says:

    This book is basically about a boy in a detention center who has to write an essay on the topic of The joys of duty At first he doesn t even know how to start but when he finally starts writing he can t stop and all the memories of his childhood during Second World War in Northern Germany pour out of him His duty turns into a month long writing obsession and he does enjoy it The duty, his piece of writing, becomes his li

  9. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Another title for this book might have been The Joy of Duty , which is the title of the lesson assigned to the book s protagonist, young Siggi, who currently lives in an institution for delinquent youth Siggi is initially immobilized by the assignment, eventually turning in a blank notebook As he is forced to explain to the director, it is not for lack of material, but that there is so much to say that he is unable to organi

  10. Susan Barnaby Susan Barnaby says:

    Everybody should read this book It s a fictional narrative by a kid in a detention facility looking back on his youth on the flatlands of northern Germany during World War II and his police officer father s efforts, under orders, to suppress a local expressionist artist If that doesn t sound great to you, then stick to whatever floats ya, but this book matured me.

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