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When Chief Inspector Reg Wexford does a favour for his wife to look into the disappearance of one of their neighbours husbands everything he finds seems to confirm his first inkling that this is simply another case of a bored middle aged man having run off with a younger woman However, when Rodney Williams is found dead, and another local man is stabbed in his car, Wexford finds himself thrown into an investigation involving a militant feministic organisation known as Arria , who have taken the raven as their symbol An Unkindness of Ravens

About the Author: Ruth Rendell

A.K.A Barbara VineRuth Barbara Rendell, Baroness Rendell of Babergh, CBE, who also wrote under the pseudonym Barbara Vine, was an acclaimed English crime writer, known for her many psychological thrillers and murder mysteries and above all for Inspector Wexford.

10 thoughts on “An Unkindness of Ravens

  1. Ellen Ellen says:

    An Unkindness of Ravens by Ruth Rendell.This story was published in 1985 I wanted to go back to the start of the Inspector Wexford series after I had enjoyed so many of them that were writtenrecently.Inspector Wexford is informed of a neighbors disappearance Actually it s his wife that has requested he speak with th

  2. Bettie Bettie says:

    Read by Michael BryantTotal Runtime 8 Hours 9 MinsDescription Rodney Williams s disappearance seems typical to Chief Inspector Wexford a simple case of a man running off with a woman other than his wife But when another woman reports that her husband is missing, the case turns unpleasantly complex.This is somewhat simi

  3. Francis Francis says:

    This was my least liked of the Rendell books I have read to date and Ruth Rendell has been one of my favorite mystery authors So what was the problem exactly I would break it down to three separate complaints.1 The cold, unemotional mother figure and her subsequently damaged or dysfunctional offspring While this leads to

  4. Liz Liz says:

    The absurd, insulting ending to this book completely mitigates the decent novel that came before I would not recommend this book to anyone.

  5. fleurette fleurette says:

    After a rather difficult beginning, this book pleasantly surprised me and I really liked it I admit that the beginning did not interest me at all I mean, I was interested in the blurb But the first three or four chapters I found rather boring and even abandoned this book for a long time I am very happy that I decided to come ba

  6. Roman Clodia Roman Clodia says:

    Ok, this is the third vintage Rendell I ve listened to on audiobook and I think I m done they re clearly wildly popular in my local library but I can t get over how dated and old fashioned they are This book was originally published in 1985 but what we have is a story of young feminists who are also knife wielding man haters cos,

  7. John John says:

    I read this book in a couple of sittings Rodney Williams disappears his misnamed wife Joy reports it Then it escalates to a murder investigation On the sidelines Burden s second wife Jenny is having a baby which she does not want Wexford plods along methodically and there is a twist Williams is a man with two lives The other life wit

  8. Biblio Files (takingadayoff) Biblio Files (takingadayoff) says:

    This one has put me off Ruth Rendell, and that s saying something I ll just have to keep in mind that it was written in 1985 and attitudes have changed a lot since then, but her caricature of a militant feminist group is way over the top and apparently just for her own amusement, since it had little to do with the murder And I m not too

  9. Kunjila Mascillamani Kunjila Mascillamani says:

    First Ruth Rendell read for personal reasons Did not like the book nor the detective Even though i picked it up because i had been told that it was about a staunch feminist group functioning underground, the book turned out to be of nothing of the sort There was no feminism at all On the contrary i found it very misogynistic and patriarcha

  10. Heather Heather says:

    I think this is one of Rendell s most interesting books with regard to images of women, assumptions about feminine character, and feminism She keeps setting up and knocking down feminine stereotypes, playing with our assumptions about the nature of women ugly pretty, old young, sophisticated naive, strong weak Characters and readers are duped

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