An Unkindness of Ravens Kindle ð Unkindness of

An Unkindness of Ravens Edgar Award Finalist In this mystery of the highest order, a cheating husband vanishes and the women of Sussex aren t giving up their secrets The New Yorker For London s Chief Inspector Reg Wexford, it wasn t an official call He was just being neighborly when he agreed to talk to Joy Williams about her missing husband, Rodney Apparently, he went to Ipswich on business and never came home Wexford has an idea what happened He most likely ran off with one of his girlfriends However, there are a few nagging concerns, like Rodney s suspicious letter of resignation and his abandoned car And is it just a fluke that his disappearance coincides with a rash of stabbings all straight through the heart, all with male victims Wexford s detective instincts must take flight in order to bring down a murderer Or two Or three Because, behind the seemingly placid domesticity of his Sussex neighbors, there is a growing web of tangling secrets, double lives, and triple crosses Rendell, winner of the Mystery Writers of America s prestigious Edgar Award, is regarded as one of the top mystery writers working today With An Unkindness of Ravens, she shows, once again, that reputation is well deserved Los Angeles Times.

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