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Back Street Ray Schimdt was a young woman of style, grace and feminine charm At eighteen, she met Water Saxel and knew with finality that she could never deny himIf she had kept their appointment that fateful Sunday morning, would it have changed anything Would she have become his wife in spite of their different backgrounds Or had she always been destined to be only his mistress True, his beloved mistress, but forever hidden away on the back streets of his life Waiting, until he could get away from his wife, his family, his business and come to her warm embrace A bitter sweet novel of poignancy, power and passion, Back Street is a classic story It is one of the great bestsellers of all time

About the Author: Fannie Hurst

Fannie Hurst was born in Ohio, grew up in St Louis and spent her adult life in New York City She is the author of 17 novels andthan 250 short stories, as well as plays, screenplays, memoirs, essays and articles Her best remembered works are those turned into films, including Imitation of Life, Back Street, Husque, The Younger Generation, and Young at Heart She was active in a variety of progressive Jewish, social justice, labor, peace and women s organizations A lifelong philanthropist, Hurst willed her considerable estate to her alma mater Washington University and to Brandeis University.

10 thoughts on “Back Street

  1. Philip Philip says:

    A train wreck of a book I m actually surprised to see a fair amount of recent readers who are enthusiastic about it, because I would think its premise, about a woman who puts her entire

  2. Martie Nees Record Martie Nees Record says:

    The only thing that this stellar novel has in common with the old Susan Hayward movie was the title and that the main character was a mistress to a married man I remember the movie being a sapp

  3. Diane Diane says:

    This is an interesting book about a woman who is the mistress of a Jewish man It is filled with odd old expressions More on This is an interesting book about a woman who is the mistress of a Jewish ma

  4. Joseph Joseph says:

    Fannie Hurst is completely forgotten today, but in the 1920s and 30s, she was one of America s most popular writers, penning stories for The Saturday Evening Post and Cosmopolitan, bestselling novels, and sc

  5. Rick Rick says:

    I have yet to see the film, I am not sure if I want to I do The book is a fab melodrama set in the years of America and Europe 1849 1930 a Fly Girl Ray Schmidt falls for a Jewish Man she meets at a rail station Imp

  6. Jon Jon says:

    Few of the films made from Miss Hurst s novels are really true to them, especially the later ones like 1961 s Back Street, but the source novel is quite captivating Perhaps it s because I m from Cincinnati and that s wher

  7. Christine Sinclair Christine Sinclair says:

    Pot boiler Yes Soap opera Yes But Back Street is so well written and emotionally gripping that it rises above its genre The main character, a Miss Ray Schmidt, makes many bad decisions in this story, yet she remains a sympatheti

  8. Hubert Hubert says:

    By the end of this soap opera, I was fairly impressed with how the author depicted the downfall of a woman whose affair with a married wealthy banker is chronicled over the course of 500 pages Even though the language and tenor of the

  9. Jenna Jenna says:

    Devoted, underappreciated girl abandons her life and talents to be the mistress of her true love, nearly driving herself mad.and the reader, for want of her to snap out of it It blends the scandal of Camille, with hints of Now Voyager I kept

  10. Lynn Lynn says:

    Interesting, surprising story of a nice, Midwestern girl who becomes a kept woman Her lover, a respectable public figure with a wife and family, remains the one love of her life She is depicted as a good, loyal person who tragically gives up her lif

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