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Battle Royale, Vol. 11 Sugimura meets up with Kotohiki Sugimura s excitement leads him to forget what the situation was, and how dangerous it still is Sugimura and Kotohiki exchange a few words, as they head toward Shuuya s group He expresses his emotions and his feeling of powerlessness against Kiriyama Unfortunately, Kiriyama catches up to them, and Sugimura has to fight him in order to protect Kotohiki As he tries to fight him, he again feels it s meaningless to try to defeat the monster Kiriyama

About the Author: Koushun Takami

Koushun Takami Takami K shun is the author of the novel Battle Royale, originally published in Japanese, and later translated into English by Yuji Oniki and published by Viz Media and, later, in an expanded edition by Haika Soru, a division of Viz Media Takami was born in Amagasaki, Hy go Prefecture near Osaka and grew up in the Kagawa Prefecture of Shikoku After graduating from Osaka University with a degree in literature, he dropped out of Nihon University s liberal arts correspondence course program From 1991 to 1996, he worked for the news company Shikoku Shimbun, reporting on various fields including politics, police reports, and economics The novel Battle Royale was completed after Takami left the news company It was rejected in the final round of the literary competition for which it was intended, owing to its controversial content It went on to become a bestseller when finally released in 1999 and, a year later, was made into a manga and a feature film He is currently working on a second novel.

10 thoughts on “Battle Royale, Vol. 11

  1. Miss Ryoko Miss Ryoko says:

    OMG This volume had me on edge the whole time Nothing much even happened, but knowing that Kiriyama was on Sugimura s heels the whole time he and Kayoko kept stopping made my heart race I really love Sugimura so I was just screaming GO G

  2. Joni Joni says:

    Primer calificaci n baja y es que est bien, me gusta, sigue teniendo todo el ritmo, dibujado como los dioses, transmite la sensaci n de estar viendo una animaci n Pero me tem a que en alg n momento pasara, todo lo violento extremo se encuadra d

  3. Aaron Camm Aaron Camm says:

    I wanted to read the Battle Royale manga 10 years ago but did not have the necessary employment to fund the expensive volumes Flash forward to 2015, and the price had only increased as the series became rarer and out of print I eventually managed to o

  4. Michael Sorbello Michael Sorbello says:

    Pretty decent volume, but not nearly as emotionally destructive and schizophrenic as the last few have been The romance was a nice turn and it was nice to see Sugi get some time to shine, but that perfect bastard that I feel is the worst thing about this ser

  5. Javier Muñoz Javier Muñoz says:

    Este tomo me ha parecido excesivo, tanto en gore como en tonter as t picas de los mangas tipo dragon ball no tengo nada en contra de eso en el contexto adecuado, ojo que tal y como estaba transcurriendo la historia aqu no entran ni con calzadoren todo caso est muy

  6. Abril Abril says:

    no se si se hizo justicia con Hiroki, esperaba m s de esta parte en espec fico del manga por lo genial y buen simo que fue el volumen 10 y por todo lo bueno que hicieron en relaci n con el libro con personajes como el gran y nico Shinji Mimura y el beb de este manga que d

  7. Trent Donaho Trent Donaho says:

    Omg I love Hiroki and Kayoko s relationship Also how is kiriyama so evil Like it s legit crazy 7 remain Shuuya NanaharaNoriko NakagawaShogo Kawada Mitsuko Souma Kiriyama Hiroki Sugimura Kayako Kotohiki

  8. Mariana Moreno Mariana Moreno says:

    Espero que no le suceda nada a Sugimuramantente alejado, Kiriyama.

  9. Nathan Nathan says:

    Another good volume Not many students are left I hope the good guys win.

  10. Indah Threez Lestari Indah Threez Lestari says:

    Baca ulang.Ralat Bukan Takako yang dicintai Sugimura, tapi Kayoko Dan akhirnya setelah mencari cari selama 10 jilid ia menemukan gadis itu masih selamat.Tapi maut masih membayangi Mitsuko Souma si gadis gila, dan Kazuo Kiriyama si jenius yang cukup sekali membaca buku manual untuk bisa mempraktekkan

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