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Before the Fall MAHALA IS A CITY OF CONTRASTS LIGHT AND DARK HOPE AND DESPAIRRojan Dizon just wants to keep his head down But his worst nightmare is around the corner With the destruction of their power source, his city is in crisis riots are breaking out, mages are being murdered, and the city is divided But Rojan s hunt for the killers will make him responsible for all out anarchy Either that, or an all out warAnd there s nothing Rojan hates than being responsibleThe fantastic follow up to FADE TO BLACK

10 thoughts on “Before the Fall

  1. Dark Faerie Tales Dark Faerie Tales says:

    Review courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick Dirty All power comes at a price, and with the city falling apart and mages being murdered, Rojan will pay that price to find out who is killing them.Opening Sentence No Hope Shi

  2. Paul Paul says:

    Having just survived his last set of escapades, Rojan Dizon is aiming to keep his head down, stay out of trouble, and hope that the citizens of Mahala will forget about him Using his magic he is wearing a disguise so he won t

  3. Jennifer Wheeler Jennifer Wheeler says:

    Really digging this storyline Love the characters, and the dark gritty atmosphere is fascinating to visualize The city of Mahala would be amazing to see on the big screen.

  4. Adam Whitehead Adam Whitehead says:

    Mahala teeters on the brink of chaos Private investigator and secret pain mage Rojan Dizon has halted a great evil that was being undertaken in the bowels of the city, but in the process has put the way of life for hundreds of thousand

  5. Annabelle Heath Annabelle Heath says:

    After destroying Mahala s source of power, Rojan and his friends fight to keep the city from plummeting into chaos Two armies are sat outside their doors, and there are enemies inside the city as well Can Rojan pull the crumbling city back

  6. Barbara Barbara says:

    This is the second in the series and even after listening for 10 minutes I could not follow what was going on.

  7. Caleb Hill Caleb Hill says:

    No Hope Shitty the name says it all really Francis Knight s debut earlier last year, Fade to Black, was one of those heavily anticipated novels for me Besides labeling it as Fantasy Noir and boasting a painful magic system, the cover and general plea

  8. Dimana Atanassova Dimana Atanassova says:

    I liked Fade to Black In fact, I loved it it fell one star short of being in my favorites list The premise behind the pain mage and the city of Mahala was fascinating, the book was wonderfully written, especially for a debut, and the sarcastic comments of

  9. JJ DeBenedictis JJ DeBenedictis says:

    This is the second book in a series, and I hadn t read the first, but this held up very well as a standalone It was a fun, fast paced story with an anti hero at its heart In fact, I m mentally classifying it as urban fantasy, even though it s set on another wo

  10. Richard Bray Richard Bray says:

    BEFORE THE FALL by Francis Knight and CONTROL POINT by Myke Cole are very different fantasy books BEFORE THE FALL is an urban noir fantasy, while CONTROL POINT is a military fantasy but in reading BEFORE THE FALL, I m reminded of the way I felt after reading CONTRO

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