Behind the Veil: A Hijabi's Journey to Happiness MOBI

Behind the Veil: A Hijabi's Journey to Happiness Farheen Khan was the victim of an Islamophobic attack by a stranger in a residential apartment building in Toronto She managed to elude her attacker but the assault on her body had only just begun For fear of dishonouring her family in the South Asian and Muslim community, Farheen didn t report the incident Internalizing this experience so deeply sent her body into an allergic overdrive, resulting in fatal anaphylactic shock Being unable to consume entire food groups gave her an insight into how a third of the people on earth are unable to eat for a very different reason poverty and food insecurity Despite her allergies, Farheen worked tirelessly to make a difference locally on building the foundation for the Muslim social services sector in her city From the rst lick of soy pudding, to despair and back again, she realized that not only can we not ght adversity alone we are not expected to This is an honest and candid story about accepting the angels that come in and out of our lives when we need them the most, to show us to ourselves as a re ective surface on a dirty wall Sometimes being swept away by a giant wave beyond our understanding can take us to beaches we never knew existed and in losing control, we can often gain control of who we are and what we are really about Today, cured ofpercent of her allergies, Farheen has founded and presides over several non pro t organizations to help relieve poverty

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    It wasa book about how a traumatic event in her life, caused her to have doubts about everything thus far in her life How it changed how she behaved and ultimately how she overcame.

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