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In this sequel to Dream of Me, Josie Litton pursues the romantic and political affiliations between the Saxons and Norse at the end of the ninth century When the Saxon lord Hawk agrees to take a Norse bride, he finds an unexpected affection for his enigmatic and fiery fiancee, Lady Krysta But Lady Krysta arrives bearing many secrets, including her gift for seeing what others cannot When Hawk s sinister half sister collaborates with a bevy of other schemers to try to drive a wedge between the couple, only Krysta can sense the looming danger that threatens both Hawk and the peace affected by their union Believe in Me is studded with a cast of colorful characters and framed by a richly drawn historical context Believe in Me

About the Author: Josie Litton

Josie Litton is the author of several NY Times and USA Today bestselling romances.Married and living in Connecticut, she is the parent of two grown children Becoming an empty nester has left her plenty of time to write, think about writing, plan what to write next, and read When she isn t doing that, she s cooking, gardening, and traveling.

10 thoughts on “Believe in Me

  1. Regan Walker Regan Walker says:

    More Fantasy in this story of a Saxon Lord and a Norse MaidSet in the 9th century, this is book 2 in Litton s Viking trilogy, a saga of two Viking lords and one Saxon lord who must make marriages to bring peace between the Norse and King Alfred of Essex and to fight the Danes together In each case the bride they get comes with a special gift This latter aspect, to me, made the stories seem less serious, giving them a whi

  2. Kiesha ~ 1Cheekylass Kiesha ~ 1Cheekylass says:

    I read this years ago and fell in love with the series I revisited this one recently and was a big disappointed Krysta was constantly making bad decisions, talking too much which caused unnecessary drama and issues I had no patience for her shenanigans Hawk was ok but not enough to get this back up to 5 stars Dropped to 3.5 for me.

  3. SidneyKay SidneyKay says:

    If we could just talk to the animals that would be very noisy.On to the second book in Ms Litton s Viking series, Believe in Me. Lady Krysta, aka Super I Talk To Animals and Fantasy Creatures Girl, is the heroine and she is a Norse woman who has been forced by her brother to marry Lord Hawk Lord Hawk is our Saxon lord and he is being encouraged by King Alfred to wed Krysta You know that this wouldn t actually be a romance wit

  4. Audrey Audrey says:

    I tried I really really tried but I couldn t do it I DNF at about 20%

  5. Ruthie Ruthie says:

    H h Hawke KrystaOthers Dragon, Where The Manor Hawkforte, Essex, BritainLady Krysta has been chosen to be the wife of Sir Hawke to help usher in peace between the Norse and England They have never met and so the story unfolds from there This story has sweet love, intrigue, and the occasional laugh I m thinking I must be going soft because I really enjoyed this book I didn t want to put it down was left wantingwhen the end came How f

  6. Has Has says:

    This wasn t as good as the first book, and I felt a bit disconnected from the romance But I will definitely be picking up the final book in the trilogy.

  7. Melissa Melissa says:

    Well I m going to put this down for now There s some girl who turns into a crow and a guy who turns into a troll Eh too weird for now Maybe I ll pick it back up again.

  8. Michelle Halpin Michelle Halpin says:

    Good for easy romance novel, not quite the Norwegian historical fiction I was looking for

  9. Kristi Kristi says:

    I love this series Going on the the last one.

  10. Koko Koko says:

    I love Josie Litton s books It is cutesy and there s always a supernatural element to it It is pure fantasy.

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