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Berserk, Vol. 7 Two feudal kingdoms, Midland and Chuder, battle for supremacy in what will become the final clash in a century long struggle Spearheading the Midland forces is the Band of the Hawk, a legendary cadre of elite mercenaries led by the charismatic Griffith and with the fearless Guts as its berserker champion The Hawks ferocity, courage, and fearsome skills not to mention Guts enormous broadsword are just what Midland needs to turn the bloody tide, but during the fray, Guts and Griffith s most trusted lieutenant, Casca, fall together from a cliff into a raging river Miraculously, both barely survive, and Guts tends to Casca s wounds as she tells of having her life saved by Griffith, her induction into the Band of the Hawk, and her deep feelings toward Griffith She even seems to finally be warming up to the grim Guts But this greeting card moment won t last long, for Chuder warriors are on the prowl, and the only greetings they carry are on the points of their spears

10 thoughts on “Berserk, Vol. 7

  1. Artemy Artemy says:

    This is my review for Berserk volumes 1 7 So, this is the last volume of Berserk for me, at least for a while I borrowed these from my buddy who is a huge fan of the series, and if he hadbooks, I would probably keep reading Sadly, only the first seven volumes wer

  2. Maria Maria says:

    here s a Hard Pill To Swallow for ya Guts is cooler than your fave End of story P.S I m in literal awe right now This manga is a masterpiece.

  3. L. McCoy L. McCoy says:

    At this point it feels slightly dumb typing yet another review saying how awesome Berserk is but at the same time I just gotta talk about this volume and how great it is What s it about Guts and Casca end up in serious trouble as they have to fight several enemies

  4. توفيق عبد الرحيم توفيق عبد الرحيم says:

    amazing as usual so guts cares for casca and for the band of the hawk even though he doesn t show it but its where he belongs now.his relationship with gambino is weird , in many ways gambino is like a father to him even if he is an asshole of a father which happens

  5. Darryl Knickrehm Darryl Knickrehm says:

    The drawing is getting especially good, but seems wasted on such a bland story Where are the monsters Where are the darker elements Where are the conflicts that were so intriguing I feel like I ve been tricked here The first 3 volumes were a dark fantasy Now things a

  6. C. Varn C. Varn says:

    Miura s art here is quit good, although the amount of war can make the scenes seem busy The political intrigue and slow development of volume six, The characterization of Casca continues to be significantly deepened, and Griffith s tendency for sociopathy becomesclear

  7. Alexandra Alexandra says:

    Gatts Casca must survive

  8. Grace Grace says:

    the sexual tension between Guts and Casca.That is all.

  9. Monsour Monsour says:

    Midland and Chuder, battle for supremacy in what will become the final clash in a century the end of the 100 year war commence We get to see some Casca and Griffith backstory and the artwork is still superb as ever We also get to see Gut s biggest achievement in the mund

  10. Emma Emma says:

    Still loving this manga.

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