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Birmingham, 1963 A poetic tribute to the victims of the racially motivated church bombing that served as a seminal event in the struggle for civil rights In , the eyes of the world were on Birmingham, Alabama, a flashpoint for the civil rights movement Birmingham was one of the most segregated cities in the United States Civil rights demonstrators were met with police dogs and water cannons On Sunday, September members of the Ku Klux Klan planted sticks of dynamite at the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church, which served as a meeting place for civil rights organizers The explosion killed four little girls Their murders shocked the nation and turned the tide in the struggle for equality A Jane Addams Children s Honor Book, here is a book that captures the heartbreak of that day, as seen through the eyes of a fictional witness Archival photographs with poignant text written in free verse offer a powerful tribute to the young victims

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  1. Taleah Taleah says:

    I chose to rate this book 5 stars and add it to my favorites because it does a really good job of giving students and understanding and realistic glimpse into a very painful part of american history I think this short story really helps bring history to life, especially from a childs perspective This book would be a really great addition to a classroom read aloud for grades 3 5, or as a

  2. Esther Esther says:

    Published in 2007 by Wordsong.Interest Level 6th 10th GradeThis is a book of poetry is from the perspective of young girl in Birmingham who eventually faces a gruesome death due to her race This book chronicles part of the Civil Rights Movement through poetry and vivid pictures that portray various aspects of the struggle for equal rights The young girl s voice is heard throughout the photogr

  3. Katie Carson Katie Carson says:

    Very powerful book written in a contemporary poetry style The poem tells the true story of four African American girls who were killed when the Ku Klux Klan placed sticks of dynamite in their church Told from a fictional narrator, this book offers insight into the innocence of these young girls and the implications this tragedy had on other African American girls at the time.Gripping black and whi

  4. Hayley Larson Hayley Larson says:

    Told in poetry format this was a story that told about a true bombing which took place in Birmingham, Alabama in 1963 which killed young girls There was a very informative back section that explained some about the civil rights movement and how children were used in the fight against racism when adults didn t want to lose their jobs The poem itself, the book explained, was not entirely true, but the hi

  5. Juliana Chau Juliana Chau says:

    2007 Poetry historical non fiction A really moving and enlightening picture book in verse about the tragic racially motivated bombing in a church during the civil rights movement.

  6. Spencer Vaughn Spencer Vaughn says:

    Simple clear poetry that explains an awful event with clear imagery This book would be a great addition to any civil rights lessons in a classroom setting The author s note adds a lot to the story as well.

  7. Josh Josh says:

    Just a good quick read to learn from our past.

  8. wildct2003 wildct2003 says:

    Good pictures and story.

  9. Kerry Kerry says:

    Powerfully moving poetry book on the Birmingham bombings at the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church and the four lives lost Haunting.

  10. Laura Aleman Laura Aleman says:

    This book hits home The narration from a ten year old s point of view is what will help reader s relate and better understand the real events depicted.

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