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Blood of the Albatross Jay Becker is a musician just trying to earn extra cash by giving sailing lessons on Puget Sound But when an exotic and mysterious woman becomes his new student, Jay finds himself being manipulated by an international network of spies who will stop at nothing to get the military secrets they want

About the Author: Ridley Pearson

Ridley Pearson is the author ofthan fifty novels, including the New York Times bestseller Killer Weekend the Lou Boldt crime series and many books for young readers, including the award winning children s novels Peter and the Starcatchers, Peter and the Shadow Thieves, and Peter and the Secret of Rundoon, which he cowrote with Dave Barry Pearson lives with his wife and two daughters, dividing their time between Missouri and Idaho.Also writes Chris Klick mysteries as Wendell McCall.

10 thoughts on “Blood of the Albatross

  1. aPriL does feral sometimes aPriL does feral sometimes says:

    I am so pleased to have passed the day reading this What an exciting, well written thriller Three individuals are looking for something to free themselves from the life they find themselves in Roy Kepella, ex drinker, failed husband and fa

  2. Ralph Simpson Ralph Simpson says:

    A good story, a little unlikely, but fun nevertheless.A bit on the far fetched side, but we ll written, smartly paced, with a cast that actually pulls it enough toward believability to rescue the overall tale Yeah, that s pretty much the deal, for

  3. Ginny Ginny says:

    One of the comments on the jacket compares Pearson s style to Ludlum In this case, i have to agree All the reasons I find Ludlum tedious apply here, heavy handed bad guys, poor dialog, the perfect love The story wasn t bad and Pearson wrote about what he

  4. Jeff Dickison Jeff Dickison says:

    A somewhat disjointed spy story told from the views of several different characters This often interfered with the flow of the novel This was only the second novel written by Pearson and he has since become a much better writer Still if you like spy mystery novel

  5. Hugh B. REPLOGLE Hugh B. REPLOGLE says:

    Well crafted subtly to espionageThe character development is sound and there is no super character to solve all problems The conflicts are realistic and truly double edged.

  6. Marti Marti says:

    I m not sure if I have read another book by Ridley Pearson, and am rather sure that I won t choose one again This was one of those okay books The setting is Washington state, where we will be travelling next week The characters are somewaht sympathetic I kept wanting to tell Jay

  7. Jonna Lee Jonna Lee says:

    It is always extra fun to read a story set in ones home town, with familiar restaurants and car chases through known streets I enjoyed this book, but it felt a little formulaic and maybe better on film I actually think the movie version would be an excellent popcorn movie That said, the

  8. Sandy Sandy says:

    I really wanted to give this one a 3.5 I have read some other books by the author and found this one to be less interesting.

  9. Fred Fred says:


  10. Ron Judenberg Ron Judenberg says:

    to read

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