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Brigadier: Gentle Hero The true story of a gentle hero who won hearts and affection for his commitment to serve and protect A big boy right from the start, Brig was a Belgian draft cross, or grade horse, with just the right temperament to earn his place on the Mounted Unit of the Toronto Police Department Brigadier was a golden chestnut with four white socks, and his size alone was imposing But that wasn t why Sergeant Graham Acott chose this horse above all the others with such certainty The animal s large, intelligent, and gentle eyes were what struck him This was a horse, and a partner, perfectly suited to the job for which he d been bredBrigadier never let Graham or anyone else down for a moment, and his years of service with the force were happy ones When, on that last night, he turned into the path of an oncoming car and took the full force of its impact, he did what he was trained to do and he did it with the heart of a gentle heroThousands wept and were outraged by the senseless cruelty that ended Brig s life For his selfless act, Brigadier received full honors, a police funeral, and tributes from around the world But his days of willing service, the smiles he brought, and his gift of companionship are what he will always be remembered for

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  1. Rhonda Rhonda says:

    I was given this book for free in exchange for honest review.It is a easy book to read if you can see the words through the tears.I enjoyed the book Loved the horses and how different they all are learned a little about Canada Mounted Police and a bit about how horses are trained.I liked how it is a true story but wish it had different ending I

  2. Kimberly Kimberly says:

    Brigadier is a young reader s book about a horse who served with the Mounted Unit of the Toronto Police Department It is written in a short chapter book style, with occasional sketches scattered throughout The book s focus is on Brigadier, a gentle giant of a horse who was loved by everyone he came into contact with The book outlines the basic trainin

  3. Lynnda Ell Lynnda Ell says:

    Brigadier is a true story of a beautiful horse s working life as he served in the Toronto Canada Police Department Judy Andrekson does a lovely job of bringing to life the personality of this special horse She shows the hard work, intelligence, and loyality Brigadier displayed as he worked with his human partners While written for 9 to 12 year olds, both t

  4. Kenyan Kenyan says:

    A really good story, it brings you close to the characters especially the horse , but this is one story I wish weren t true

  5. Curriculum Curriculum says:

    True story of a gentle hero who won hearts and affection for his commitment to serve and protect A police horse story

  6. Debbie Debbie says:

    This was a good book I was glad that I read it.

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