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Charmed & Enchanted CharmedHer legacy had been as much a curse as a blessing, so Anastasia Donovan had learned to keep it hidden But when single dad Boone Sawyer swept into her heart, she longed to reveal everything despite her fear of the consequences Then fate stepped inEnchantedLovely, guileless Rowan Murray was drawn to darkly enigmatic Liam Donovan with a power she d never imagined possible But before Liam could give Rowan his love, he first had to trust her with the incredible truth about himselfand his family

About the Author: Nora Roberts

Nora Roberts is the 1 New York Times bestselling author ofthan 200 novels, including Come Sundown, The Obsession, The Liar, and coming in December 2017, Year One the first book in The Chronicles of The One She is also the author of the futuristic suspense In Death series written under the pen name J.D Robb There arethan 500 million copies of her books in print.

10 thoughts on “Charmed & Enchanted

  1. Erin Erin says:

    YUCK I picked this up for 60 cents at the local thrift store because I had never read anything by Nora Roberts before Let me assure you, I will never read anything else by her either This was such a terrible book Correction, two books, because there are two equally terrible stories in it All about wiccans or witches or whatever you want to call them and a shapeshifter in the second s

  2. Cyrisse Cyrisse says:

    Charmed is Ana Anastasia Donovan s story The youngest Donovan is an empath Her gift is the ability to heal She is able to determine the extent of the damage to a person by the laying on of hands and cure them from within using her gift However, there is a toll to be paid The healer must take the persons pain upon herself This can be draining or even deadly, depending on the timing and the ser

  3. kit kat kit kat says:

    I don t usually read Nora Roberts novels, nor in her genre However, I found this book and it looked striking at first, so I thought it might open me up to her Instead it validated what I had originally thought.I only was able to get through Charmed, and I thought it was awfully convenient The characters didn t have a lot of layering and they always appeared in the correct places in order for an intera

  4. Andrea Andrea says:

    Charmed was magical and I enjoyed reading it, but Enchanted.The girl was enchanted by a wolf, that s right, a wolf Not a guy, but a wolf.Not only does she let the wolf, a wild animal mind you, in her cabin, she takes a bath in front of it Yes, she s naked in front of the wolf And she seems to find nothing wrong with that WE know the wolf is really the guy, but SHE doesn t know that What a creeper.You have got

  5. Nathalie Nathalie says:

    Once upon a time I loved Nora Roberts I have read most of her 160 books THIS 2 book combo is one of the worst examples of her writing Overwrought, full of cliches, bunch of nonsense which isn t a crime in itself admitedly, especially in romance novels, but this takes the cake The 1st book is slightly better but the 2nd one reads like it was written by a 16 year old Yech For MUCH BETTER Nora Roberts writing, try the Che

  6. Joyce F Joyce F says:

    That s it I m done with Nora Roberts She has a cookie cutter and she tells the same tale again and again and again It works for her, I know She s obviously making money hand over fist But, I just can t read the same story again Ever Holy cow, even the ebbs and flows of her stories are the same But, after 160 or so titles published, I s pose they would all start to feel alike Well,power to her This is, after all, America Lucky t

  7. Key&Quill Key&Quill says:

    I ve read a lot of Nora Roberts over the years I think she was the author of my first romance novel You know what you get when you read a Nora Roberts book no real surprises, same destination it s just the journey that varies That can be said for this double edition of the Donovan Saga This is reallyof a guilty pleasure than any kind of advanced reading I read so much that romances really just fill the time and are entertaining This boo

  8. Pamela Pamela says:

    I had read this yrs ago, and reread it There is a shape shifter in it He becomes a wolf Those who have read other paranormal did not see anything awful about the wolf My dogs come into my bath often Not The bath, but bathroom They bump their heads on the door if I disappear, so since she only saw a wolf no biggie She writes paranormal, murder, romance etc I would look up her book before reading I gave it 3.5 rounded to a four It was a good paran

  9. Krista Krista says:

    Ehhh, I m not the biggest fan of fantasy and the second story was reaaaaalllly pushing it.

  10. Kim Kim says:

    Two books in onewhat a deal I read these two books on vacation and they were perfect for this reasona little fantasy, a little romance, and some interesting twists.

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