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Choices of the Heart Choices of the Heart is the first Christian Romance book in the Bradley Sisters series and begins the story of each sister s search for a Godly man worthy of their heart Each story highlights a sister s hopes, her struggles, and her achievements as she trusts God to bring her the perfect soul mate This novella is approximatelypages Lauren Bradley wants to find true love and goes about experimenting with online dating and attending church singles groups to find the perfect Godly man But her efforts are met with disaster and her frustration grows as she becomes impatient waiting for God to bring the right man into her life She decides to become an entrepreneur and purchase Emilia s, an Italian restaurant But her goals of buying the restaurant are thwarted by Andrew, a handsome man who also wants the restaurant for himself Lauren is attracted to Andrew, but becomes involved with her boss, knowing he may not be the man God intended for her Andrew has had a passion for cooking since childhood, spending lots of time in the kitchen with his mother Now he wants to switch from being a teacher, to fulfilling his lifelong dream of owning a restaurant But there s one problem, he s attracted to Lauren and has to fight her for Emilia s Will he fulfill his lifelong dream at the expense of driving Lauren away Or will he sacrifice his dream and compete with her boss for the chance at true love Other titles in the Christian romance series by Kelsey MacBride Desires of the Heart Megan s story Available now Passions of the Heart Tiffany s story June ,Redemption of the Heart Katie s story JulyDon t miss out on these inspirational love stories of faith, family and romance

10 thoughts on “Choices of the Heart

  1. Cheryl Ellis Cheryl Ellis says:

    This was a quick read Very classy and well written The characters were easy to follow and a good story line All girls want are for men to love them, cherish them, and if you love God, want a man to love Him too This book showed two different kind of men, which one will Lauren chose in the end Justin The one who is her boss, but she has a crush on and finds out that he likes women and wi

  2. Megan Henderson Megan Henderson says:

    This novella was bland, predictable, and laughable Though I m not a fan, I gave it to two stars for being a Christian read However, I m still confused on what a Provers 31 MAN is.

  3. Barbara O& Barbara O& says:

    Choices of the heartPretty good book I like it because it s short Characters are good Lessons learned about forgiveness was also very good a good book to read for light reading

  4. Lillie Lillie says:

    This is a Christian romance, but the heroine is deceptive and manipulative, not the way to act at any time, especially when you re trying to find a Godly man Fortunately, God and the hero forgive.

  5. Tammy Tammy says:

    This series was simply okay I gave them 3 stars, 3 stars, 2 stars, and 3 stars Honestly, I felt that was quite generous The camaraderie between the sisters was nice, but could have been utilized better In each book, the lead character is a little pious and frustrating, especially in book 3 None of the romances were very believable In each case, the guy is completely enamoured almost instant

  6. NaDell NaDell says:

    Short novella perfect for when I want to read a little something before bed, but not so long that I DON T go to bed at all Lauren s dream is to buy an Italian restaurant on the Oregon coast and run it She s been saving up and made an offer and then someone outbid her She doesn t have the funds to go higher, but her life doesn t stop She meets a man named Andrew and they go out Then the story

  7. Christy Christy says:

    Read this twice I chose this brief read because of its interesting synopsis What I failed to realize is that I have read it before I had already read a few pages before I knew this, so I continued on anyway I liked the plot and the characters Overall, it is a pretty good read However, I like a lot of Ms MacBride s books stories anyway.

  8. Diane Baker Diane Baker says:

    Lovely written story of love and life s circumstancesSo true to life of the struggles we all face our own sometimes selfish desires, loneliness, impatience for God to answer A lovely written story Couldn t put it down until I do finished it.

  9. Nicole Nicole says:

    A cute story enough that I m going to read the next sisters story I would like to see a littlecharacter development and detail I like the clean, Christian parts that remind us of Our need for God in our lives.

  10. Cheryl May Cheryl May says:

    Heart feltI admit there was a part of the book where I did cry Even though there are a few typos it is an amazing book that shows how it you wait God s timing is always perfect.

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