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Crossers From the acclaimed author of Acts of Faith A miracle You can hardly conceive of a affecting reading experience Houston Chronicle , a blistering new novel about the brutality and beauty of life on the Arizona Mexico border and about the unyielding power of the past to shape our lives Taking us from the turn of the twentieth century to our present day, from the impoverished streets of rural Mexico to the manicured lawns of suburban Connecticut, from the hot and dusty air of an isolated ranch to New York City in the wake of, Caputo gives us an impeccably crafted story about three generations of an Arizona family forced to confront the violence and loss that have become its inheritanceWhen Gil Castle loses his wife in the Twin Tower attacks, he retreats to his family s sprawling homestead in a remote corner of the Southwest Consumed by grief, he has to find a way to live with his loss in this strange, forsaken part of the country, where drug lords have power than police and violence is a constant presence But it is also a world of vast open spaces, where Castle begins to rebuild his belief in the potential for happiness until he starts to uncover the dark truths about his fearsome grandfather, a legacy that has been tightly shrouded in mystery in the years since the old man s death When Miguel Espinoza shows up at the ranch, terrified after two friends were murdered in a border crossing drug deal gone bad, Castle agrees to take him in Yet his act of generosity sets off a flood of violence and vengeance, a fierce reminder of the fact that while he may be able to reinvent himself, he may never escape his historySearingly dramatic, bold and timely, Crossers is Philip Caputo s most ambitious and brilliantly realized novel yet

About the Author: Philip Caputo

American author and journalist Author of 17 books, including the new HUNTER S MOON A Novel in Stories Best known forA Rumor of War,a best selling memoir of his experiences during the Vietnam War Website

10 thoughts on “Crossers

  1. Patrick Brown Patrick Brown says:

    The novelist John Gardner put forth the notion that fiction should evoke a vivid and continuous dream In other words, it should immerse the reader in a world that feels alive, from the beginning of the book to the end Creating this universe be it one that looks and feels like our own or a totally different time and place is the challenge of the novelist I thought about this notion of the vivid

  2. Chris Chris says:

    Mesmerizing blending of the past and present Caputo artfully alternates between the two Not sure which I enjoyedthe tales of Castle s grandfather or Castle s present life, but violence is the common denominator You know things are headed for a train wreck but surprisingly you think it might not be so bad Lots of plot paths I envisioned didn t happen and I was left surprised and satisfied with the endi

  3. Roger Hawkins Roger Hawkins says:

    Maybe a five star rating is one star too high, but I live right in the middle of the area where all this unfolds This is a real place and many of the people you meet there are straight out of the book The week before I opened the book, I was talking to a neighbor as a group of wetbacks went marching through the trees behind him Not too far into the book I read a description that matched that vision to a T.Cap

  4. Frederic Frederic says:

    Blurbs from Jim Harrison and Robert Olen Butler may give the impression that this is a serious novelappropriately heavy elements 9 11,VietNam,Immigration,Seneca are undercut by lightweight characterssuited to a Movie of the Week from the 1970 slots of mini series regulars like the Porsche Progressive who learns Life Lessons by getting Back To The Land,the fiesty Pioneer Woman,The Single Mother with a Tragic Past,the

  5. Kasa Cotugno Kasa Cotugno says:

    Admittedly, this is the first I ve read of Caputo s fiction I did read Rumor of War decades ago I chose this upon learning of an upcoming publication of a new novel that shared similar themes with this one, and found this riveting Particularly in today s volatile climate regarding the U.S border with Mexico Vengeance that spans generations, and twists that ensue make this an exciting thriller, but it also contains a contempl

  6. Erik Erik says:

    This thing is only a little weightier than some throw away romance novel Way too much of the author s personal beliefs filtered through his one dimensional fictional characters This was sent to me by one of my book clubs and I had high hopes What a letdown From the Jackie Collins school of writing I imagine

  7. Mike Mike says:

    How many pages does it take to say that Gil Castle was hurting and sad Obviously it sthan I think it takes.

  8. Charles Matthews Charles Matthews says:

    The enormous malevolence of Sept 11, 2001, still squats upon the imagination, resisting our efforts to comprehend it Writers as various as Jay McInerney The Good Life , Jonathan Safran Foer Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close , John Updike Terrorist and Andre Dubus III The Garden of Last Days have tried working the events of 9 11 into their novels, but most of these ambitious books were doomed to at least partial failure because our memories of the

  9. Jim Jim says:

    This book is a combination historical novel crime thriller romance but one that is guy friendly story of personal redemption philosophical reflection on our times The thing is, it works.The protagonist, Gil castle, whose wife died on 9 11, accepts his relatives invitation to come to stay at their ranch on the Arizona Mexico border While there, he becomes embroiled in the schemes of drug traffickers, the desperate plight of illegal migrants, and a relations

  10. MisterLiberry Head MisterLiberry Head says:

    It s going to sound weird, but I have to describe CROSSERS as the FX network s The Bridge TV series meets Steinbeck s EAST OF EDEN The 2009 novel depicts a bleakly violent border region and contextualizes events with a multi generational blood debt from the frontier past that must be paid in the present century A short time after 9 11, protagonist Gil Castle who lost his wife in the attack on the North Tower tries to isolate himself in a cabin on the vast cattle r

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