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Crusade The gripping and riveting Destroyermen saga continuesLieutenant Commander Matthew Reddy, along with the men and women of the USS Walker, have chosen sides in a war not of their making Swept from the World War II Pacific into an alternate world, they have allied with the Lemurians a mammalian race threatened by the warlike reptilian Grik The Lemurians are vastly outnum

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  1. Charles van Buren Charles van Buren says:

    The choices are to be or not to beHaving learned the horrible truth about the pure evil and strength of the ancient enemy known as the Grik, the Americans and their Lemurian allies decide that their only chance for survival is a crusade to eliminate the Grik The crusade is blessed with initial success but fate and this new world have some terrible surprises in store for the alliance The Americans had their own powerful enemy in the world from which they came A relentless enemy bent upon the c The ch

  2. Mr. Matt Mr. Matt says:

    In Crusade we rejoin Captain Reddy and the crew of the Walker They have forged an alliance with the mammalian Lemurians against the predatorial, rapacious Grik After saving the sea folk, the Humans and Lemurians turn to rescue the land based Lemurians A captured Grik ship leads them to believe an all out assault is going to be made on the unsuspecting city states Sure enough the Walker and an armada of Lemurians arrive to lift the siege and smash a Grik fleet.Crusade suffers from second book In Crusade we

  3. azdbackfan azdbackfan says:

    Yes I liked it.No, I m not going to give you a lengthy description of the book because I don t believe I am the Roger Ebert of the literary world.This is what matters to me.1 I enjoyed the book.2 I don t regret the time I spent with it.3 I wouldn t mind rereading relistening to it at a later date.This book meets those requirements If what matters to me matters to you and you enjoy military science fiction, this book might be for you.

  4. Mike (the Paladin) Mike (the Paladin) says:

    What can I say here This is prime, number 1, grade A brain candy No redeeming characteristics hereno deep literary meaningsno nuanced story telling This is the story of an obsolete WW1 destroyer and a destroyer escort of the same age thrown into a world of wooden ships, intelligent lemur like creatures that the humans call monkey cats and large also intelligent carnivorous lizards who don t take prisoners after battle They simply eat the enemy.Oh there s also an ultra modern W What can I say here This is prime, numbe

  5. Donna Donna says:

    I m surprised that I am actually enjoying these books Alternate history is so not my thing, but this has been kind of fun I like the characters They are well drawn and down to earth There is such a strong conflict of good vs evil that flows throughout the whole story The story moves at a nice pace with something new always coming into play When I started this, I wasn t sure if I wanted to read it, but I m glad I did SO 4 STARS.

  6. Jeffrey Jeffrey says:

    I am not a big fan of reading the second book in a trilogy or series and skipping the first book, but I found myself in this situation when a new title at the library caught my eye Destroyermen Crusade is a novel in that famous science fiction fantasy tradition, the transplanted people into a parallel universe In this case, two United States destroyers are apparently in the midst of a battle with a Japanese Battle Cruiser Amiga during the Battle of the Java Sea in World War II, when as a resu I am not a big fan of reading the se

  7. Jim Jim says:

    Another good entry in the series Things get tougher Anderson isn t kind to all the characters There weredeaths than I expected, but it s a very tough world situation Since reading the first one, I found out why they didn t mention why the world is as it is This takes place in 1941 I hadn t realized just how much our science had progressed since then Kudos to Anderson for getting so much right.If you haven t read the first, do NOT read this one They really need to be read in ord Another good entry in the series Things get tougher Ander

  8. The Pirate Ghost (Formerly known as the Curmudgeon) The Pirate Ghost (Formerly known as the Curmudgeon) says:

    This book continues the fun of the first book It s very Edgar Rice Burroughs meets In Harm s Way the Movie Strong characters, difficult complex plot with intricate details that I find facinating I m already into book three and loving it This is a fun series Highly recommended for lovers of science fiction, Fantasy, and alternate reality stories It has a little Harry Turtledove in it too Fun read.

  9. Ken Hammond Ken Hammond says:

    Crusade by Taylor Anderson good honest old fashioned beat the the baddies up sci fi military romp Aha but wait there s , a whole lotSecond episode has all the bones for some epic mashup battles, medieval versus 19th and 20th century technologies, something to definitely get your chomps around and have some fun.

  10. David David says:

    I found book one in the Destroyermen series to be fun and entertaining, if a bit flat and cheesy, style wise Book two, though, actually had me wanting to stand up and cheer Not that it s any less flat and cheesy, but there are some quintessential qualities that Taylor Anderson brings to this series that I ve been missing in sci fi and military fiction lately.Duty, honor, bravery, sacrifice, and heroism Men acting like men Yes, the women both human and Lemurian are pretty brave too A w I found book one in the Destroyermen series to be fun and entertaini

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