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Derek the Flying Dodo Now everyone knows that dodos can t fly, but this was the one thing that Derek the Dodo always dreamt of doingEvery day he would go to the top of the biggest rock in the jungle and flap his wings in the hope that he might just take off, but sadly, it never happened However, after wishing on a shooting star one night, Derek s dream comes true and everything changes for himAfter lots of practice, Derek is eventually ready to fly off for the first time in search of exciting new adventures Along the way, he meets a young boy called Aaron who shares the same love of adventures Together, they set off to explore the many hidden and beautiful wonders of the island Who else will Derek meet What wonderful places will Derek get to discover And what challenges will Derek overcome Derek the Flying Dodo is an exciting story for children aged years, about friendship, having the courage to be different and never giving up on your dreams

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    Derek the dodo has one wish he longs to fly even though he knows that dodos can t take flight He tries and tries but to no avail He doesn t give up and keeps his dream alive One night whil

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