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Die Schrecken des Eises und der Finsternis Im Zentrum dieses vielschichtigen Abenteuerromans steht das Schicksal der sterreichisch ungarischen Nordpolexpedition der Payer Weyprecht Expedition , die im arktischen Sommerin das unerforschte Meer nord stlich des sibirischen Archipels Nowaja Semlja aufbricht Das Expeditionsschiff wird bald und f r immer vom Packeis eingeschlossen Nach einer mehr als einj hrigen Drift durch alle Schrecken des Eises und der Finsternis entdeckt die vom Skorbut geplagte Mannschaft eine unter Gletschern begrabene Inselgruppe am Rande der Welt und tauft sie zu Ehren eines fernen Herrschers Kaiser Franz Joseph Land Einer der letzten blinden Flecke ist damit von der Landkarte der Alten Welt getilgtParallel zum Drama dieser historischen Expedition erz hlt Ransmayr die Geschichte eines jungen, in Wien lebenden Italieners namens Mazzini, der mehr als hundert Jahre sp ter zum besessenen Sammler aller hinterlassenen Zeugnisse und Dokumente der Payer Weyprecht Expedition wird und schlie lich ins Eismeer aufbricht, um als Passagier eines norwegischen Forschungsschiffes die Entdeckung des Franz Joseph Landes nachzuvollziehen Aber im Verlauf seiner Recherchen zur polaren Entdeckungsgeschichte ger t Mazzini immer tiefer in die arktische Gegenwart und verschwindet schlie lich, ein Schlittenreisender, in den Gletscherlandschaften Spitzbergens

About the Author: Christoph Ransmayr

Born in Wels, Upper Austria, Ransmayr grew up in Roitham near Gmunden and the Traunsee From 1972 to 1978 he studied philosophy and ethnology in Vienna He worked there as cultural editor for the newspaper Extrablatt from 1978 to 1982, also publishing articles and essays in GEO, TransAtlantik and Merian After his novel Die letzte Welt was published in 1988 he did extensive traveling in Ireland, Asia, North and South America In 1994 he moved to West Cork, Ireland, as a friend offered him to lease a splendid house at the Atlantic coast for a very affordable rent, and also because of the artists exemption in the Irish income taxation In 1997 Ransmayr read his short story Die dritte Luft oder Eine B hne am Meer, written for this occasion, as keynote speech for the Salzburg Festival After his marriage in the Spring of 2006 Ransmayr returned to live in Vienna.

10 thoughts on “Die Schrecken des Eises und der Finsternis

  1. Vit Babenco Vit Babenco says:

    How much of history is truth and how much of history is myth This complicated and unanswerable question Christoph Ransmayr tries to pose in his highly intellectual and dark The Terrors of Ice and Darkness.How much of an explorer s journey is the new discoveries and how much of it is just imagination.At first it was nothingthan a game to try to reduce the circumst

  2. Jane Jane says:

    This novel recounts the real life 1872 74 Imperial Austro Hungarian North Pole Expedition, through actual journal and log entries, italicized to set them apart They are connected by narration The Expedition discovers and names Franz Josef Land near the North Pole after their emperor The novel describes in excruciating detail all the hardships they undergo being stuck in

  3. Sini Sini says:

    Ik zit in een Ransmayr periode na vol vuur genoten te hebben van Cox, of het verglijden van de tijd en De laatste wereld las ik nu zijn romandebuut De verschrikkingen van het ijs en de duisternis En dat beviel weer prima, ook al werd ik niet zo weggeblazen als door die eerdere twee meesterwerken.De constructie is vernuftig een naamloze ik verteller poogt het duistere en fascin

  4. Lukas Lukas says:

    In der Form perfekt, in Sachen Inhalt immer konsistent und fl ssig Ein Buch das fast erschreckend l ckenlos durchkomponiert und packend ist Erz hlt auf ungew hnliche Weise von einem ungew hnlichen Thema.

  5. Schopfi Schopfi says:

    the story of conquest and discovery, of a drive within human nature to find what is out there, to map, to name and to understand whatever that means the emptiness of space, as experienced in the 20th century, the terrors of ice and darkness, have been experienced by explorers a century before in the vastness of the arctic ice the madness, to think something would be out there that matters,

  6. Mosco Mosco says:

    3 con faticaPeccato secondo me mi ha fregata aver letto poco tempo fa il bellissimo i ragazzi di Barrow di Fergus Fleming, al quale Ransmayr pu a malapena allacciare le scarpe DI tutto il libro salvo le frequenti citazioni tratte dai diari dei protagonisti, a volte molto belle, quelle di Payer in particolare, ma santi numi non sono merito di Ransmayr, giusto Non capisco peraltro il motivo della st

  7. Andy Weston Andy Weston says:

    Three linked stories of exploration intertwine here as an unidentified narrator researches the disappearance in 1981 of Josef Mazzini, whose obsession with the Austrian explorer Julius Von Payer had brought him to the settlement of Longyearbyen on Spitsbergen island, in the Arctic Payer, a sub lieutenant in the Austrian army, having adventured and explored in the Tyrolean Alps in the 1860s, makingthan 60

  8. Wulf Wulf says:

    The northernmost point of Eurasia is located on Franz Josef Land, an archipelago deep in the Arctic Ocean, rather oddly named after an emperor of Austria Hungary, once a country far to the south of those icy rocks Yet it was arguably Austrian and Italian sailors who first set eyes on this inhospitable place and liberally sprinkled references to their home country across a map which had so far only shown white a

  9. JaumeMuntane JaumeMuntane says:

    Mezcla de novela y ensayo, cuenta la fascinaci n de un personaje ficticio, Josef Mazzini, por la expedici n austroh ngara de 1872 hacia el Polo Norte La narraci n de la obsesi n de Mazzini se mezcla con la detallada recreaci n de la mencionada expedici n, atrapada durante dos a os en los hielos En mi opini n, la parte destinada a Mazzine palidece notablemente en comparaci n con la extraordinaria odisea de la expedici

  10. Laura Laura says:

    I really liked this book, both the narrative structure and the subject matter I m fascinated by arctic exploration by what it takes to make a life, or simply to survive in such inhospitable climes There was a time when I believed that if you had to die if it was your time , say , freezing to death might not be a bad way to go That was before I read this book Brrrr.

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