England's Mistress: The Infamous Life of Emma Hamilton

England's Mistress: The Infamous Life of Emma Hamilton A dramatic, sparkling tale of sex, glamour, intrigue, romance and heartbreak, England s Mistress traces the rise and rise of the gorgeous Emma HamiltonBorn into poverty, she clawed her way up through London s underworlds of sex for sale to become England s first media superstar Nothing could stand in the way of her dreams except her self destructive desiresDrawing on hundreds of previously undiscovered letters, and told with a novelist s flair, England s Mistress captures the relentless drive, innovative style and burning passion of a true heroine In a world of tabloid fame and three minute wonders, Emma s life is truly a tale for our time

About the Author: Kate Williams

Hello Thank you for visiting my page It s a great privilege to be on here and to say hi to readers Thank you very much for all your support and interest in my books My twitter account is katewilliamsme and I have a facebook page for Kate Williams author, come and say hello I m always thrilled to hear from you and your thoughts about my work I grew up in a very modern house in a dormitory village in the Midlands and as a consequence became completely obsessed by the past When I was about six, we got a new washing machine and I took the huge cardboard box, covered it in silver foil and told my little brother it was a time machine I used to rumble it about and tell him Look We re in Egypt in the time of the pyramids but you can t get out So he had to listen to all the stories inside, my poor brother One of Britain s best young historians , Independent Historian Extraordinaire , The Today Programme, Radio 4 Queen of historical fiction and History at its best , Guardian Unforgettable , the book, not me , The Lady Gripping, seductive , The TimesI m still looking for that time machine and still living in it, really as I am obsessed by history Thanks so much for coming with me in my time machine..My latest novel, Edge of the Fall, is about the DeWitt family in the 1920s as they try to make sense of their lives in the aftermath of the war It s the Flapper Age and everything is in flux As Kirkus puts it, there is a beautiful socialite threatened by a stranger, a murder trial and a baby born out of wedlock strange disappearances, unexplained deaths, dramatic births and a juicy court case Grazia Brilliant , Daily Mail Gripping from the first page , Thrilling a must read , Grazia Imbued with a sharp awarenss of the devastating effects of war in any era, Williams novel presents sympathetic characters who transcend history , Kirkus My previous novel, The Storms of War, is the first in a trilogy about the de Witt family The first explores their lives from 1914 1918, as the youngest girl, Celia, sees her perfect world crumble and change I ve wanted to write about the wars since I visited the trenches in France when I was ten on a school trip I was fascinated by how small they were and how men could ever live in such places I really wanted to go into the lives of Germans the Victorians couldn t get enough of them Then almost overnight they were the enemy and people saw German spies everywhere and the newspapers demanded that all Germans in the country be imprisoned At the beginning of the book, Rudolf and Verena have four children and their lives will never be the same again Quietly impressivehard to put down.Gripping, thoughtful, heartbreaking and above all human , Kirkus starred review truly affectingrichly detailed, light of foot..tantalises with loose ends and disturbs with shocking shadows , Independent Fans of Dowton Abbey will love it, as do I , Alison Weir Vivid.fascinating, Observer My most recent history book was in 2013, Josephine Desire, Ambition, Napoleon UK and Ambition and Desire the Dangerous Life of Josephine Bonaparte US It has been optioned by Ecosse Films Nowhere Boy, Mrs Brown and they are working on the script now I send you a thousand kisses, but send me none back because they set my soul on fire , wrote Napoleon to Josephine In 2012, my book about Elizabeth II, Young Elizabeth was published, exploring the Princess s life before she became Queen and how the abdication of Edward VIII changed her world In 2011, I co wrote The Ring and the Crown with Alison Weir, Tracy Borman and Sarah Gristwood about the history of royal weddings My previous novel,The Pleasures of Men, about Catherine Sorgeiul, a young woman in 1840 who terrifies herself with her obsession with a murderer, appeared in 2012 I began writing the book while living in Paris, one

10 thoughts on “England's Mistress: The Infamous Life of Emma Hamilton

  1. Sean O& Sean O& says:

    You know what I like about historical biographies There s no sensationalistic scandal mongering Biographers can t pay a maid 5000 to dish dirt There aren t any former friends or school mates who can come forward with an axe to grind Historical biographies are histories and deal in facts, not gossip.Well, normally.In England s Mistress, Kate Williams does her damnedest to bring Kitty Kelley style biography to the 18th Century The book issu

  2. Laurie V Laurie V says:

    The biggest revelation I took away from this book is what a dick Horatio Nelson was He was a flighty fame whore who was needlessly cruel to the wife he abandoned for Emma Hamilton He also knew very well that Emma would have struggled financially after his death, but he was so deluded into thinking the government would provide for her despite her tenuous position as his mistress that he never took steps to ensure security for her and their daughte

  3. Lauren Albert Lauren Albert says:

    I can t do better than Sean O Hara s review it is spot on Williams speculates constantly when she doesn t have facts and on the most trivial matters as when she writes, Worried about her mother s weak state of health, Emma probably paid out to take a boat up the Rhone She has no bases for this assumption nor is there any point in making it The speculation eases up later in the book but she then proceeded to infuriate me referring to Hamilton, not once bu

  4. Nina Nina says:

    God, I want to live above my means too.But I don t want to die penniless in Calais.

  5. Tim Pendry Tim Pendry says:

    This is an exceptional biography at so many levels It recovers not so much a person as a period.Emma, Lady Hamilton, was a clever but perhaps not always intelligent person of great beauty and charm, and acting skills, who rose from extreme poverty to become the wife of an ambassador and the mistress of a national hero, Lord Nelson.Many biographies of such women present romantic fantasies the sort of rubber necking at history of those women who wish life was like a Jane

  6. Catherine Catherine says:

    When I don t have time to read, I often download audio books from I Tunes It gives me the chance to read while doing the housework or driving I have just finished listening to England s Mistress, while un packing boxes after our move I have read very mixed reviews of the book and didn t really know what to expect I absolutely loved Williams s other book Becoming Queen so was excited to see if her earlier book was as good England s Mistress tells the story of Emma Hamilton , fam

  7. Sherwood Smith Sherwood Smith says:

    For the longest time, biographical material about Emma Hamilton was difficult to find either it was repressively short, as befitted a woman no better than she should be or else disgustingly salacious Here s a biography that is sympathetic to women caught in the horrible position of being poor, with few options for earning daily bread In the 1770s, when Emma then Amy was pretty much on her own, she either had to work under grinding misery for abysmal wages and could be dismissed on a wh

  8. Bettie Bettie says:

    view spoiler Bettie s Books hide spoiler view spoiler Bettie s Books hide spoiler

  9. Marguerite Kaye Marguerite Kaye says:

    Excellent biography of a woman who seems to have been long overdue a reappraisal of her life Emma Hamilton was an extraordinary woman Born into abject poverty, she went into domestic service aged twelve, and not long after was forced into prostitution Working backstage at the theatre, she progressed into courtesanship, had a child at seventeen, rose to stardom through modelling for Romney, and was then passed on by her lover Greville to his uncle, William Hamilton, consul in Naples, when Grev Excellen

  10. Colin Mitchell Colin Mitchell says:

    Lady Hamilton is a well known figure in 18 19th century English history through her marriage to Sir William Hamilton and her affair with Admiral Nelson Little is known about her early life and this is reflected in the early of this book which appear to be largely based on speculation and assumption from research of the period Once in London the picture changes, when her stunning good looks, a great many portraits still exist, and risque life style bring her to public attention Emma eventually Lady Hamilton is

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