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Entranced Obviously psychic Sebastian Donovan was a fraud, but fiercely protective Mary Ellen Sutherland was desperate to find a missing baby and had run out of leads So, reluctantly, the skeptical private investigator agreed to enlist Sebastian s help Soon she had to admit grudgingly that this man had some pretty remarkable gifts Especially his extraordinary ability to penetrate her tough facade and awaken her heart

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  1. Krystal Krystal says:

    DNF pg 242 74% In this book s defence, it was an accidental purchase, and not something I d have picked up if I d known it was romance I was unlucky in that the first Nora Roberts book I ever read was light hearted and fun and so I thought she wrote contemporary, rather than romance So that s on me.But JEEZUZ.Is all romance really this terrible I mean, I like a good love story but what the heck was this I do like that the series stays in the family but follows different people

  2. Chitra *CJ* Chitra *CJ* says:

    Entranced is the story of Mel and Sebastian.In this second wonderful addition to the Donovan series, we meet Sebastian Donovan, a witch and seer, whose powers give him the vision, and he uses it to help the police out in various cases When a desperate mother s pleading note catches his eye, he responds to her request to find her abducted baby, meeting PI Mary Ellen aka Mel in the process.Mel has been desperately trying to find baby David, and being practical, she does not believe in

  3. Anita Anita says:

    I was absolutely Entranced As much as I didn t care for the first book in this series, I loved this one A little mystery, a little suspense and a really wonderful romance Oh, and the hero is a psychic who can read minds, but is too much of a gentleman to do that to the heroine, well, not often anyway.Sebastian Donovan is a psychic and a witch who has helped solve several high profile cases He is approached by a desperate mother whose baby has been abducted Her friend, Mary Ellen Sutherlan

  4. Heena Rathore P. Heena Rathore P. says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Entranced is an engaging story about a psychic and a cynic Yes, the psychic being Sebastian Donovan, Morgana s cousin Sebastian uses his powers of seeing , to help cops solve twisted cases.On the other hand, Mel Sutherland is a private investigator whose friend s child is missing She tries everything she could to get some clues about the kidnapper but like the cops, hits a dead end Tired of waiting for her police to

  5. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    3.5 STARSI enjoyed this onethan the first installment Old school Nora, with PNR element A light, easy read.

  6. Zubee Zubee says:

    Loved this H a handsome psychic man Strong h who doesn t believe in pyschics which made a nice change as I have read a lot of books with psychic h and sceptical H they had great chemistry and bantered so sweetly

  7. Liza Wiemer Liza Wiemer says:

    Book 2 in the Donavan Stories by Nora Roberts Magic and romance Yup, I m a fan.

  8. Cyndi Cyndi says:

    Our heroine is a PI that has been enlisted by her neighbor to find a missing toddler In desperation the mother asks our hero to help Since he is a witch with the gift of clairvoyance He agrees since he knows our heroine is his destiny.

  9. Christina (A Reader of Fictions) Christina (A Reader of Fictions) says:

    Entranced really improved on Captivated , because it both has a plot and improved character development.In basically the exact same number of pages, Entranced resolves two mysteries and gets the couple together, which means that, good news, there s no time for massive misunderstandings or fear of commitment flailing Mel s got some fear of commitment, but it resolves itself without really being an issue.I can t say I felt particularly invested in the resolution of the mystery, but I did like tha Entranced really improved on

  10. Christina Christina says:

    Much better than the first However, I have to admit, some of that enjoyment is due to the similarities between Mel Sebastian and Eve Roarke from the In Deah series Roberts writes as J.D Robb Since this was written in the early 90 s, I think this, may have been Roberts playing around with some early ideas Mel is a tall, slender, athletic PI with attitude and a haircut that looked like she hacked at it herself Hmmmmm..Sebastian is a rich, handsome, Irish man with hair that curls around the Much better than the first However, I have

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