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Evangeline, a Master For Tonight Companion Novel I know what you think of me I know the names you ve called me Psycho Insane Demented And worse so much worse But you don t know me You don t know anything about me All you know is what Julian told you You don t know the extent of my tragedies EvangelineAfter being left to die in the rays of the morning light, Evangeline is rescued by her Maker Troubled, and facing demons of his own, he demands that she reconcile her torrid history and justify his saving herAngry and terrified, but not alone, she unfurls her secrets for the ultimate judgementAfter centuries of anguish, what would you become Would you be an angel Does Evangeline deserve to burn Evangeline is a companion to the Master For Tonight duet It can be read as a standalone, but it is not recommended, because throughout the book, references are made to scenes and characters from the Master For Tonight novelsM F, F F, Paranormal, Vampires

10 thoughts on “Evangeline, a Master For Tonight Companion Novel

  1. Tracy Ehlers Tracy Ehlers says:

    Five Stars Omfg I f loved it. I wanted to hate her in the MFT duets series but after reading her story. Well let me just say this is one book you MUST read Love her or hate her. This story delves into the how s and why s, an emotionally gripping story that is Evangeline.Grab your panties folks you re in for an wild ride.This is a companion novel and I w

  2. Anna Salamatin Anna Salamatin says:

    First, I ve got to tell you, the first two chapters left me breathless, and that was just the begining From there on out It was just raw emotions, any you can think of and some you never thought of. The one who tricked Evangeline with words of love, lied to her, used her as a sex slave, abused and tortured her, not to mention the one who turned her and t

  3. Liesl Liesl says:

    Jackpot Elaine Barris has delivered yet another winner with Evangeline, and boy does she deliver in spades She never fails to tease, tantalize and entertain her readers with her amazing skill, astounding imagination and perfect prose We were first introduced to Evangeline in Master for Tonight 1 and 2, but this is Evangeline s story, from her point of vie

  4. Rosemary Hendry Rosemary Hendry says:

    This story is so emotional Evangeline is a villan but after reading this book you will see her in a new light I hated her in book one and 2 but now I have a whole new insight on why she is so bad She has been having her world torn apart piece at a time over and over exposed to so much grief beyond imagination She has went through eternity with a burden tha

  5. Tracey Tracey says:

    Arc reviewFirst and foremost this is a companion novel, you must read Master for Tonight Duet first Evangaline, she the evil, nasty, vengeful vampire maker of the delicious Julian

  6. Sue Sue says:

    Wow, this was some read.For those who have read the master for tonight books, you will have already met Evangeline This book tells her story, it describes in detail the events in her life that helped shape her into the sadistic monster she d become.Love, lust, abuse, betrayal, revenge and murder, Evangeline has suffered it all As the madness consumes her Eva

  7. Amy Amy says:

    This was given as an ARC as long as I gave my honest review I have been waiting for a book about Evangeline who was a character from Elaine s Master For Tonight I II.This book was SO worth the wait.Evangeline was absolutely amazing It was everything I had hoped for in a book I had some questions in the other books about her background and Elaine answered them

  8. Heather Hungate-Brown Heather Hungate-Brown says:

    I was giving this book for an honest review This was a wild ride of madness In A Master for Tonight, you really hate Evangeline because of the evil things that she does In this book you find out some of the reason behind her madness I still love to hate her I really enjoyed this book Get ready for a wild ride.

  9. Barbara Barbara says:

    Evangeline the companion novel to MFT duet by Elaine Barris She was hated some despised her, they called her unholy names like bitch, evil, murderer and yes wanted her dead, only a chosen few loved her, but no one understood Evangeline like..sorry no spoilers I know who he she is and you will have to read the book to find out.Elaine Barris weaves an erotic stor

  10. April ♥"LOS" ♥ April ♥"LOS" ♥ says:

    After reading about Evangeline in the first two books, and how she treated Julian as his master, I really didn t like her very much She appears to be the epitome of evil and doesn t possess many redeeming qualities However, after reading her story and seeing where she came from and the loss she suffered, I completely changed my mind This is a character withdepth

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