Everyday Harumi: Simple Japanese food for family and

Everyday Harumi: Simple Japanese food for family and friends Bestselling cookbook writer Harumi Kurihara brings together authentic, Japanese home cooking that everyone can doIn Everyday Harumi, Japan s most popular cookery writer Harumi Kurihara selects her favourite foods and presents thanhome style recipes for you to make for family and friends Harumi wants everyone to be able to make her recipes and she demonstrates how easy it is to cook Japanese food for everyday occasions without needing to shop at specialty food stores Using many of her favorite ingredients, Harumi presents recipes for soups, starters, snacks, party dishes, main courses and family feasts that are quick and simple to prepare, all presented in her effortless, down to earth and unpretentious approach to stylish living and eating Every recipe is photographed and includes beautiful step by step instructions that show key Japanese cooking techniques Texture and flavor are important to Japanese food and Harumi takes you through the basic sauces you can make at home and the staples you should have in your store cupboardPhotographed by award winning photographer Jason Lowe, this warm and approachable cookbook invites you to cook and share Japanese food in a simple and elegant style

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  1. 7jane 7jane says:

    This was a very enjoyable cookbook full of simple, everyday Japanese recipes The author is quite popular in Japan with books, magazines, clothing, and house and cookware There are plenty of photographs every recipes gets at least one No desserts, but I didn t find myself missing them Included are cupboard essentials incl some sauce recipes , plus I think US Canada centric stockists at the

  2. Susan Susan says:

    When I was younger I worked for a Japanese company for a number of years and so grew to love Japanese food If you would like to try cooking Japanese food for yourself, this is an excellent book to begin with I am lucky in working close to many Japanese shops, so ingredients are easy for me to find and you can probably order online but how easy ingredients are to find locally, probably depen

  3. Faith Brown Faith Brown says:

    Straightforward, easy to follow Japanese recipes are the unifying theme of this delightful cookery book Harumi Kurihara has designed recipes around ingredients available to the European cook whilst maintaining the key flavours and textures of Japanese home cooking All of the dishes we have made so far have been delicious and at least as quick as two other cookery books with minutes in the ti

  4. Kristin Kristin says:

    Yes, I m reading a cookbook Reading My recent spate of Murakami novels got me interested in Japanese home cooking I m cooking every recipe in the book.I ve liked everything I ve made, and LOVED a few things I feel pretty knowledgeable about japanese cuisine now Some of the measurements aren t translated correctly, but that s part of the adventure.

  5. Noriko Noriko says:

    I like to cook Japanese food every day so I had read some books written by Harumi It is often not easy to cook Japanese food but it is very delicous to eat Japanese food for adlults or children.I think that it is a simple cooking book so it is good for someone to cook Japanese simple foods.

  6. Melanie Melanie says:


  7. Mary Mary says:

    Approachable, contemporary Japanese food that is accessible to almost any cook.

  8. Beka Beka says:

    If I had access to some of these ingredients, I think most of the recipes seem pretty doable.

  9. Sarah Sarah says:

    Will give a star rating when I ve made some of the recipes, but this book seems to be just the introduction to Japanese style home cooking I was looking for easy recipes with simple ingredients Definitely going to break out the mandoline, though, as I have neither the knife skill nor the patience for finely julienning so many vegetables

  10. Ann Ann says:

    Very instructive cookery book with beautiful photography and easy to follow recipes A good introduction in Japanese cuisine beyond sushi, yakitori and the like for everyday dishes or for a little party The recipes are all designed around ingredients you can, reasonably easy, find in Belgium and I suppose by extension in Europe I made quite a few of them and all where very delicious.

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