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Evolution: Vol. 1 (A Short Story Collection) From the first ever Short Story Contest hosted by Evolved Publishinggreat stories fromterrific authors DRM Free An eclectic mix that will excite, interest, and intrigue from the first story to the last Laugh a little, cry a little, think a littleMany genres, many voices, one goal Provide the reader with a fun journey through the short fiction formatEdited and polished to a fine sheen GRAND PRIZE WINNER If I should Die by Amanda PapenfusFULL STORY LIST If I Should Die by Amanda Papenfus The Last Earthling by DT Conklin Timothy by Anjuli Bowen Grain Neutral Spirits by A Frank Bower One Last Thought by Lane Diamond A Building This Size by Jeffrey B Burton Sirius Issues by Ariyana Spencer Imagination by Stephen Patrick Courage through Fear by Ruby Standing Deer A Boy and His Monster by Matt Mok

10 thoughts on “Evolution: Vol. 1 (A Short Story Collection)

  1. Timothy Ward Timothy Ward says:

    So far the first story was very well written A brief glimpse into a girl s life as she deals with the hopelessness of her cancer prognosis, and yet the ending was inspiring The second story, The Last Earthling, was a difficult read for me because of the setting conflicting with my belief system However, you have to give credit to the story living on in my mind s spare moments forthan a week

  2. Amanda Papenfus Amanda Papenfus says:

    I am one of the authors in this anthology, and my story If I Should Die is the first of the book This is a well put together anthology with some great writers, and I m happy to have my work included among them My favorite stories included Timothy by Anjuli Bowen, A Building This Size by Jeffrey B Burton, Imagination by Stephen Patrick, and Courage through Fear by Ruby Standing Deer.

  3. Amy Amy says:

    Evolved Street Team Rocks

  4. Kimberly Kinrade Kimberly Kinrade says:

    Like another reviewer said, each time I finished a story and declared that one my favorite, I d read another and find a new favorite I ll be honest, I m not big on short stories and anthologies unless there s an interesting hook or it was written by Neil Gaiman but the quality of writing and story telling in this anthology really hooked me Readers will find something for everyone here, as there are 10 sto

  5. John Allen John Allen says:

    Evolution 1 is the first iteration of what I hope will become a long running series of short story anthologies The ten stories here will appeal to a wide audience there s some sci fi, some fantasy, some straight up action, and some thoughtful wrestling with questions of death and existence All in all, the collection has a good balance and is sure to keep you reading.

  6. Andrew Andrew says:

    Review pending but I needed to get this logged before midnight to make 2013 goal

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