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Faking It (Book Boyfriend, #2) 3 Fake It Till You Make It Stars Hailey is looking for the perfect office space for her matchmaking company That s right, this woman who has never known love runs a reputable and popular matchmaking agency Hailey even goes as far as to wear a fake engagement ring to keep men away It made her feel secure and confident, and being in love gave a credence to her expertise as a matchmaker Max is the realtor who is hired to find Hailey her new office space Hailey knows thinks he is way out of her league but allows herself to ogle him anyway.They went out to lunch to celebrate finding Hailey s perfect property It was all going so well until Hailey s little secret about her fake fiance came out in a very awkward way This gave Max the perfect excuse to get closer to Hailey, they agreed to keep up the fake fiance routine going to help get Max s stalker out of the picture.So Max and Hailey start to get to know each other, Max soon realises that Hailey has a lot of body issues and insecurities about her sexuality after a terrible thing happened to her in college Max then makes it his mission to show her just how fantastic she really is I have to give a shout out for the phone sex scene, that was HOT BUT this book is NOT about the hot scenes as there is only 1 actual sex scene in the whole book, so if you re looking for lots of sex look elsewhere.This is a story about overcoming insecurities, trust and finding true love I enjoyed parts of this book but I did feel it was missing something as I found it really hard to get through, I think it was just a little slow for me So IMO there is nothing wrong with this book it just wasn t really for me. 2.5 starsFrom my take on the synopsis of this book, I had expected something witty, with repartee, comedy, a hint of blackmail and electric chemistry Faking it was a lot sensitive, and softer than that with a slight tinge of banter and sexual teasing Third person writing doesn t hold very much interest for me There s something incredibly detached about it when connecting with the MCs You have to be supremely good to make it work In this instance, it was pleasant enough.The heroine of this book a size 14 was insecure She d shed 70 pounds in college, and had exactly one past lover who ended their relationship the following day essentially calling her fatty mcboom boom The hero makes her own her body, and reintroduces sexual confidence in her They fall for one another throughout the fake engagement It was pretty safe and actually quite nice to read This is a complete side note, but I was really shocked when the waitress serving the MCs in the restaurant didn t flirt with the H And suddenly I got thinking, how could I have such a low opinion of women In most cases waitresses are efficient and well mannered and not flirters So what does that say about the kind of books out there where it s a common trope to have some kind of a waitress man stealing flirty whore who gives dirty looks to the heroine The books published portray a certain quality of women, and though it shouldn t have been a big thing at all, the little things leave an impression Of course despite all this, I knew the positive portrayal of women wouldn t last There was light OW drama where the H s ex I put that mildly 3 dates 2 kisses he hated her became a nuisance stalker who preyed on the heroines insecurities. Get it here US UKI ve almost started this book about eight times and then for whatever reason I never actually did Which is something I m kicking myself for now because I really enjoyed these characters The whole fake fiance thing has been done time and time again, yet these authors kept the plot new and fresh It didn t feel cliche at all and had my attention from the very beginning Hailey and Max fell into their relationship with little issue and I really liked that they didn t bring a lot of drama to the forefront Hailey had a few reasons why she wasn t looking for a real relationship but with Max they fit so well together that even she couldn t deny that they belonged with one another They had a certain level of trust in each other that was really amazing to see and it made their connection very strong This writing duo always delivers a fantastic story and I can t wait to get of them from the rest of this series. Get ready to FALL HARD ladies because Max Sterling is EVERYTHING Whether writing together or separate, these two authors never fail to bring the HEAT and the EMOTION to every book they release I was completely DAZZLED and CONSUMED by Max and Hailey From Max s easy and charming banter to Hailey s coy, yet driven nature, these two were in for one hell of a ride They never stood a chance Come on, sweet girl, he cajoled, her lips less than an inch away from his You know you want me to kiss you again All you have to do is say yes The engagement ring on her finger might stop Max from pursuing Hailey, but it will not temper the dirty thoughts he has running through his mind at the very sight of her But when he finds out her secret, ALL BETS ARE OFF There is some claiming to do, and he is just the man for the job Deciding on a proposition that will be in both of their favor, this fake engagement can only go on for so long It s an excuse to get close to her, so he will take it Marriage, kids, and a white picket fence, aren t things that Max Sterling ever had in mind as a possibility, but spending time with Hailey Ellison as her fianc gave him a glimpse of something that could be really special, if he would just let it He would also need to convince Hailey of that fact and her insecurities will end up being their worst enemy Max Sterling is a determined man and he will stop at nothing to chase away her doubts one kiss and one touch at a time Don t worry, sweet girl, I know exactly what to do to make your body purr Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde are a match made in heaven when it comes to writing contemporary romance FAKING IT is just another example of that Believe me when I say, you will fall HARD for Max and Hailey You will adore them, root for them, and fall hard for them Phillips and Wilde gives us another romance that will make you feel great, inside and out. I wish Max is not that perfect I wish he has some dark kink or at least annoying kink so i can relate to him as human I mean come on There is no way a man can be that perfect But then i remember the series is Book Boyfriend Well thats explain why max is super perfect To all of the romance fan, we do have our own book boyfriend Whom we secretly loves Like many perfect over the top romance story, this book serves its purpose Likeable heroine with self esteem issue, perfect hero, loving and supporting second characters who just so perfect Dont we all hope we can have our own perfect Sigh..3 stars What started as a sexy, flirty, temporary engagement is about to become than bachelor Max Sterling ever anticipated FAKING IT, my all new sexy, STANDALONE with Erika Wilde is live US UK Play I really enjoyed this sexy little book by Carly Phillips I loved it for all the reasons you d expect It s sexy and swoony with a drop dead gorgeous hero, But Max is also sweet and loving Hailey isn t your typical romance heroine She s gorgeous, but also curvy and a bit insecure That level of realness and attention to character detail is why I really enjoyed this book It speaks to every woman Kudos, Carly Aside from my character love, the storyline, execution, and writing are all top notch Overall, it s a wonderfully entertaining story that I d recommend to all romance readers Very cute love story He is rich, handsome, and fairly nice She is almost too nice, pretty and has some self esteem issues because of her weight She makes up a fake fianc to help promote her matchmaking business and makes the mistake of using his name to a few clients When he finds out he makes a deal He will play the part of her fianc if she will play the part, also He thinks that will get his mother and the psycho chick who wants to marry him off his back Then he might get the added bonus of getting our heroine between the sheets, in the chair, or anywhere else Good little romance. Confirmed bachelor Max Sterling isn t into rescuing damsels in distress, but when the very tempting Hailey Ellison needs his help, there s only one thing for him to do Step in and pose as her loving fianc Except there is nothing fake about his attraction to her, or how much he wants her beneath him in his bed, moaning his name But what starts as a sexy, flirty, temporary engagement, quickly becomes somethingserious that neither one ever anticipated. 5 Are You Ready to Beg Stars I always get excited to dive into a Carly Phillips Erika Wilde book They are always filled with sweet and smexy moments, a good dose of humor and lots of heart, but holy hell, this one is my favorite by far This one just hit all the right spots BSEG from the start and pulled out all those feels.Max That man and believe me when I say he is all man, is just OMG total book boyfriend He s all kinds of wicked dirty alpha male but with a laid back vibe that pulls you in He s gentle, compassionate and protective and when he sees something he wants, he goes all in.I simply got Hailey There were so many issues she had that I could empathize with as well as how she dealt, or didn t deal with them, and while my heart bled for her, it also cheered for her She s sweet, sassy and highly intelligent and driven She has built a business from the ground up and has prospered which told me that she had the strength to overcome her demons.Their fake engagement to lovers story had me all kinds of swoony and twitterpated, as well as needing an arctic temp bath Max and Hailey together simply worked for me They brought out the best in each other and made the other stronger for it I loved their flirting, but also loved how open and honest they were with each other Max letting Hailey take the lead while still being in charge was HOT Their journey wasn t drama free, but it was handled well and I loved how it ended up bringing them together.So to reiterateThis is my favorite book and couple of theirs thus far Yes, I m leaving some wiggle room in there It brought out all the feel, had me turning the pages to see what would happen next and feeling just a little put out at the end because I couldn t spend time with Max and Hailey, but there are Book Boyfriends to come so hopefully we ll be getting a few updates then Copy provided by the author review crew

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