Find Your Perfect Job: The Inside Guide for Young

Find Your Perfect Job: The Inside Guide for Young Professionals LEARN THE INSIDER SECRETS TO FIND YOUR PERFECT JOB GET THE ONLY REAL WORLD CAREER GUIDE FOR YOUNG PROFESSIONALSYoung professional who cracked Wall Street, Washington, Hollywood, and Silicon Valley, while earning an MBA and law degree along the way, shares everything he learned about job searching, careers, and graduate schools in this complete guide for young professionals Written in a concise, highly readable style, the author pulls no punches, giving you the inside scoop and telling you what the other career books are afraid to Use this book s revolutionary system to identify and land your dream job Make the best choices for you at each juncture of your career, from college into your s Find out How to create a comprehensive profile of the best job for you How to get around HR gatekeepers and reach the actual hiring manager Invaluable resume, interview, and networking tips The differences between business school and law school What law school and being a lawyer are really like The NUMBER ONE question to ask yourself to identify your Perfect JobThis book is different than the other job search books Most job search books are written by career counselors with little or no outside professional experience In contrast, the author of this book draws upon hisyears of successful professional experience and personal career development, including completion of business school and law school This book is tailored for young professionals everyone from college students to professionals in their s and s who are trying to find the best job for themselves The author has personally confronted nearly all of the job search questions and situations young professionals face in the modern era and shares all the answers in this brand new career guide

About the Author: Scott Smith

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