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Frizzy Tizzy Dances Frizzy Tizzy loves music and loves to dance She looks forward to going to dance class and gets upset when it s time to go home Mommy and Daddy help Frizzy Tizzy turn her frown upside down Frizzy Tizzy Dances is a perfect book for all those little girls who love to dance The pink is super cute used throughout the book Frizzy Tizzy is a typical little girl wanting to keep going after dance class is over, she wantsMy girls loved this book My 9 year old has read this lovely children s book again and again to my 2 year old daughter This series is a must have for your children s library. This is a wonderful children s book And I can t wait to read it to my little niece who truly reminds me of Frizzy Tizzy I am sure that this will become a favourite.

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