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Gentleman's Agreement A landmark novel that rankedon the New York Times bestseller list for five months straight, Gentleman s Agreement speaks to the pervasive nature of prejudice after World War II an issue just as relevant today as when the book was first published Journalist Philip Green has just moved to New York City from California when the Third Reich falls To mark this moment in history, his editor at Smith s Weekly Magazine assigns Phil a series of articles on anti Semitism in America In order to experience anti Semitism firsthand, Phil, a Christian, decides to pose as a Jew What he discovers about the rampant bigotry in America will change him forever

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  1. Sarahlynn Sarahlynn says:

    Have you read Gentleman s Agreement by Laura Zametkin Hobson No Well, you should read it Everyone should read it Once upon a time, lots of people did it spent five months at 1 on the New York Times Bestseller List after it published in 1947 but it has since fallen out of favor I d never heard of it until a friend picked it for our book club s February selection, spurring probably

  2. Book Riot Community Book Riot Community says:

    For those still recovering from their clear eyed views of Atticus Finch a balm Hobson s book was a runaway bestseller once, and received lots of critical acclaim but that was in the late 1940s, and I m just getting to it now The gist is this Schuyler Green arrives in New York to be a staff writer at a major liberal magazine, and his editor assigns him a series on anti Semitism Green is

  3. Kevin Kevin says:

    The banality of racism in post WWII America is explored Chilling stuff The prose is clear but almost YA in tone and structure and yet, there are parts that are nuanced, rich, and almost esoteric I m also finding hints of the female author building an ideal male lead The sexism is understated, however, especially for something written in the 1940s It is interesting to see it come through from

  4. Rosa Rosa says:

    You know what I didn t like this book It was self righteous, full of fallacies, and is an early example of political correctness the bad kind I didn t feel this way about Focus or Kingsblood Royal.And in addition, it had at least two Jewish anti Semites who weren t called on their anti Semitism along with one who was This angers me.I dislike Consenting Adult even , and I m not going to finish that

  5. classic reverie classic reverie says:

    I had seen Gregory Peck and Dorthoy McGuire in the film version of Laura Z Gibson s Gentleman s Agreement and loved the movie and wanted to see the differences in book verses screen I did find the book givinginformation about the story but in the end I preferred the classic movie I love Dorthoy McGuire so I could not dislike Kathy too much but in the book only at the approaching end did I find her okay

  6. Jeff Mayo Jeff Mayo says:

    A new writer at a national magazine decides to go undercover to write about anti Semitism Not only does he see bigotry from strangers, his son is bulled at school, and his social climbing fiancee is ready to break off the relationship The book was written 72 years ago Had I read it 5 years ago I would have thought that the material had become dated Oddly, it isrelevant in 2019 than it was in 2014.

  7. Suzanne Suzanne says:

    Gentleman s AgreementIt s always wrong to watch the movie first I watched Gentleman s Agreement again 3 weeks ago The book is usually so much better In this case, the movie is really great, The book is so similar, it seems to be a copy I read the book because it was on my Kindle The book is beautifully adapted and was on the best seller list for months The movie starring Gregory Peck only won three of the eight Osc

  8. Graceann Graceann says:

    Anti semitism is still with us, sadly, so this book, written many years ago has a very fresh ring to it A journalist decides to pretend he s Jewish in order to see how he s treated by society, and the results are devastating inways than he expected.

  9. Jill Isaacs Bachan Jill Isaacs Bachan says:

    It really makes one question one s own covert prejudices.

  10. ☯Emily ☯Emily says:

    Actually a 3.5 rating because I felt the book was dated Philip Green is a journalist who has been given an assignment to investigate antisemitism in the United States immediately after the end of World War II He decides to tell others he is Jewish to see what kind of reaction he would get And boy, did he get reactions At the same time, Philip is beginning a new relationship with Kathy The investigating of antisemitism interferes wit

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