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Germany: Memories of a Nation A major new series from the makers of A History of the World inObjects, exploring the fascinating and complex history of Germany from the origins of the Holy Roman Empire right up to the present day Written and presented by Neil MacGregor, it is produced by BBC Radio , in partnership with the British MuseumWhilst Germany s past is too often seen through the prism of the two World Wars, this series investigates a wider six hundred year old history of the nation through its objects It examines the key moments that have defined Germany s past its great, world changing achievements and its devastating tragedies and it explores the profound influence that Germany s history, culture, and inventiveness have had across EuropeThe objects featured in the radio series range from large sculptures to small individual artifacts and items that are prosaic, iconic, and symbolic Each has a story to tell and a memory to invoke

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  1. Ilse Ilse says:

    Every moment spent reading this, was worthwhile The thematic approach of MacGregor is highly entertaining and his lucid and witty prose is a delight to read Instead of attempting comprehensiveness, Macgregor stitches a colorful patchwork quilt out of 30 intriguing and incisive miniature essays, illustrating masterfully Germany s complex and fraught cultural history The book is a remarkable encomium to modern Germany and the sensible way it gets on with his troubling past, conte

  2. Jan-Maat Jan-Maat says:

    Years ago when yet another hour of Hitler programming chugged on to the TV screen I d wonder if perhaps we could have a documentary on Biedermeier era furniture just to suggest that there could be something else German that might interest the wider world than just the Third Reich MacGregor s radio series, is in a similar style as his earlier History of the World in a Hundred Objects, making objects the starting point of a wider enquiry, may be part of a tentative thawing in the Briti

  3. David Gustafson David Gustafson says:

    A nation s culture molds every citizen s inward soul whether or not they agree with what it expresses Like it or not, those various ingredients of culture also fashion a nation s outward history.Neil MacGregor, the director of the British Museum since 2002, has loaded his painter s brush from the broad palette of German culture with vivid colors from Charles the Great Charlemagne to Chancellor Angela Merkel, blending together an almost cubist portrait of the German soul under the title, Ge

  4. E. G. E. G. says:

    Introduction Monuments and memories Germany Memories of a Nation Illustrations and Photographic CreditsBibliographyAcknowledgementsIndex

  5. Cheryl Kennedy Cheryl Kennedy says:

    Volkswagen, Adidas, Puma, Mercedes, Lufthansa logo itself is a German invention, Albrecht Durer defining artist of Germany , porcelain factory in Dresden, metal craftsmanship, Nuremberg opera and master singers, clock watches, Black Forest cuckoo clocks, daimler and benz first working motor cars, Hall of Mirors at Versailles, Kaiser Wilhelm I, Chancellor of the German EmpireBismarck, sculptorKathe Kollwitz, First World War, Hitler, Nazi regime, purging the degenerate, racial purity A Volkswagen, Adida

  6. Lyn Elliott Lyn Elliott says:

    This wonderful book is the end result of an exhibition held in the British Museum under Neil MacGregor s directorship.The research that went into the exhibition appeared as 12 programs on BBC 4 and finally emerged in book form, which I ve had to read electronically but will keep searching for a hard copy Kindle is hopeless for this it is richly illustrated in colour and poor little kindle doesn t cope with that But the kindle app on iPad meant I could at least see the images properly, and th This wonderful

  7. Dan Dan says:

    Written by Neil MacGregor once the Director of the British Museum who happens to know a lot about Germany Perhaps the book would be better called Monuments and Museums of Germany Quirky composition of Germany s history examined largely through arts and objects Surprisingly good prose and eclectic topics such as lost capitals We learn that Konigsberg was once a historic German city famous as the birthplace of Emmanuel Kant The city and its surrounding enclave lie some 300 miles from Berlin a Written by Neil MacGre

  8. Osiris Brackhaus Osiris Brackhaus says:

    A fascinating view on German history from a British point of view McGregor s focus on items as touchstones for his narrative is priceless even though the facts were mostly known to me, he managed to shed an entirely new light on events, suggesting connections that I would have never seen A brilliant read Some of the first chapters did read a little too positive at first, at least to me But then again, I am German, raised in Germany, and trained to see our history in rather negative terms A fascinating view on German hi

  9. Cornelia Funke Cornelia Funke says:

    Reading a chapter for breakfast each day morning treat Hurrah for Neil McGregor He enlightened me so many times by now with his books, made me see familiar things through a different lense First world history, next Shakespeare now my home country His thought make me so muchaware of the thoughts beliefs associations I grew up with Thought provoking and inspiring as always though I may differ on his thoughts about Faust

  10. Laura Laura says:

    From BBC Radio 4 Neil MacGregor, Director of the British Museum, begins his series examining 600 years of German history through objects, with a reflection on Germany s floating frontiers.Even if this series will continue I won t be able to follow it in the next weeks.

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