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Gideon's March Gideon knew he was in for a difficult time There was to be a summit conference in London and the protection of the statesmen from France, Germany and the United States was a prime importance But Gideon also had to cope with murder first one, then another, both of them seemingly connected in some strange way

10 thoughts on “Gideon's March

  1. Joy Joy says:

    Not as wide ranging as the rest of the series Gideon must protect three visiting heads of state, with assassins to forestall and petty theft gangs to corral That doesn t take all of his attention, but a lot of it There are still damsels in distress, a resentful

  2. David David says:

    Enjoyed this book and was quite amused at the 1960 s feel of style and language No computers so the head of Metropolitan police was writing to all provincial forces, no email.A young boy says okay to his father and is told to use the English language properly.No swea

  3. Gary Gary says:

    A double window, onto England s glory and into Scotland Yard behind the scenes when England wasa world power, but also a view of unconscious racism and sexism coupled with a view of the truly brave and good people of that era.This book in the series, for the first time in

  4. C. John Kerry C. John Kerry says:

    I debated between giving this book a three and a four, since half stars aren t available This was certainly a competently written book It just didn t grab me the other volumes have Gideon here is dealing with the ramifications of a state visit by the heads of the U.S., Germany a

  5. Delores Alger Delores Alger says:

    creasey s gideon

  6. Margareth8537 Margareth8537 says:

    Always enjoy the character of Gideon

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