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Going Where It's Dark A middle grade novel that combines adrenaline fueled adventure with a coming of age story about a boy who loves the challenges he faces when caving but finds daily life dealing with his stuttering problem a most difficult challengeBuck Anderson s life seems to be changing completely His best friend, David, has moved away his anxious parents are hounding him than ever he has reluctantly agreed to fill in for his uncle and do odd jobs for a grumpy old veteran in town and his twin sister has a new boyfriend and is never around any To top it all off, Buck is bullied by a group of boys at school mainly because he stutters There is one thing that frees Buck from his worries It is the heart pounding exhilaration he feels when exploring underground caves in and around his hometown He used to go caving with David, but he s determined to continue on his own now He doesn t know that changes are headed his way changes that just might make him rethink his view of the world and his place in it

10 thoughts on “Going Where It's Dark

  1. Linnae Linnae says:

    I had to keep reading to see how this one came out Buck is a boy with some problems First of all, he stutters painfully, almost constantly He dreads any type of public speaking, including giving answers in class He s picked on by some other boys for it Secondly, his best friend moved awa

  2. Jonine Bergen Jonine Bergen says:

    There are a lot of things to like about this middle years adventure novel The details about Buck s family, friends, and the difficulties he faces because he stutters provides a level of depth which is fantastic to see in a novel for this age group I particularly appreciated how Buck keeps sec

  3. Andrew Andrew says:

    This book was about a boy, named Buck Anderson, who loved to go into caves However, during his everyday life he was made fun of because he stuttered Being bullied by others, led Buck to be desperate on how to deal with his stuttering through thrilling incidents.I believe someone would like to read

  4. Sharie Sharie says:

    Boy who stutters, lost his best friend b c moved away, loves to cave, family mattersI like the themes of this book but it s very long and detailed for the target audience E.g., two pages about skittles towards the end Uncle Mel is a great role model on how to address conflict.

  5. Becca Becca says:

    It s a real cliffhanger D

  6. Ms. Yingling Ms. Yingling says:

    Copy provided by the publisherBuck is looking at difficult summer at his rural home near the Blue Ridge Mountains His best friend has moved away, he s being teased by boys in his class who mock his stutter, and he has to do a lot of work in the family garden and also for a man his uncle has been helping All Buck

  7. Barbara Barbara says:

    Buck Anderson feels evenisolated now that his best friend David has moved away and his twin sister is busy with her own friends and a boyfriend His small size and stuttering make him the object of ridicule for some older boys and some of his classmates During the summer before his eighth grade year, Buck faces a lot

  8. Amanda Curless Amanda Curless says:

    Summary Buck Anderson is a thirteen year old boy living in Virginia who enjoys exploring caves and struggles with a speech impediment The story follows him throughout his summer as he dreams of exploring a small cave he found called the hole Throughout the summer, he encounters issues with a group of bullies, an old man n

  9. Julie Julie says:

    Interesting adventure story for kids, giving insight on an usual hobby caving I visited a few local caves when I was 12 13 14 years old, and even though they were well lit, those tight spaces did not make me want to go any further Not so for young Buck Anderson In the beginning, he explored local caves very cautiously and alwa

  10. Emily (Infinite Lives, Infinite Stories) Emily (Infinite Lives, Infinite Stories) says:

    I won an ARC of this in a YA Book Central giveaway The book was provided by the publisher.If you are looking for adventure, then this the book for you Buck Anderson, a thirteen year old spelunker, always imagined exploring uncharted caves with his best friend David Unfortunately, that dream is soon dashed when David moves miles awa

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