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Gurdjieff A dramatic and literate introduction to one of the twentieth century s most influential and intriguing spiritual teachersBorn in the shifting border between Turkey and Russia in , G I Gurdjieff is a man who would continually straddle borders between East and West, between man and something higher than man, between the ancient teachings of esoteric schools and the modern application of those ideas in contemporary lifeIn many respects from the concept of group meetings to the mysterious workings of the enneagram to his critique of humanity as existing in a state of sleep Gurdjieff pioneered the culture of spiritual search that has taken root in the West today While many of Gurdjieff s students including Frank Lloyd Wright, Katharine Mansfield, and P D Ouspensky are well known, few understand this figure possessed of complex writings and sometimes confounding methods In Gurdjieff An Introduction to His Life and Ideas, the acclaimed novelist John Shirley one of the founders of the cyberpunk genre presents a lively, reliable explanation of how to approach the sage and his ideas In accessible, dramatic prose Shirley retells that which we know of Gurdjieff s life he surveys the teacher s methods and the lives of his key students and he helps readers to enter the unparalleled originality of this remarkable teacher

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  1. Courtney Courtney says:

    I picked this up to learnabout G and his connection to the Enneagram While I learned a bit in general about who G was, I do question the veracity of the book The author is quite smitten with G I slogged on when things started getting odd, but I closed the book on page 254 after reading,dominant women were something he regarded as a regrettable abnormality typical of modern life I will continue t

  2. J. Elliott J. Elliott says:

    I got this book from the library and after 45 pages, ordered myself a copy This is the kind of book I ve been seeking I m itching to highlight, underline and dogear This is one of the true mystics that the others quote and emulate How splendid this and other works are readily available One hundred years ago one would have to travel to the Orient, India, attend ashrams etc as Gurdjieff did in sear

  3. Chris Chris says:

    Author John Shirley intended this book for absolute beginners to George Ivanovich Gurdjieff c 1866 1949 , which I am It is still far, far too early for me to tell whether Gurdjieff was merely a cult leader or actually the greatest mystic of modern times, especially as Gurdjieff himself made his work purposefully difficult to understand and laden with absurd words so as to confuse and disappoint hi

  4. McGrouchpants, Ltd. McGrouchpants, Ltd. says:

    Shirley s exposition of Gurdjieff s ideas an Introduction for me, personally I happened across this title, at Powell s, looking for other Shirley books comes as an eye opener to the One Clueless Person You Never Heard Of again if you re like me Who Somehow Managed to Actually Live in the 20th Century Whew That should be a sub title ANYHOO As a walk through, Clive Barker s famously quoted take on Sh

  5. David Moore David Moore says:

    This is a great introduction to Gurdjieff and his ideas It is probably the best book for beginners, for it has a particularly excellent Appendix listing some excellent further reading John Shirley, unlike many in the The Work scene, takes a balanced, sincere approach to this enigmatic and powerful mind.

  6. Nick Nick says:

    A solid introduction to Gurdjieff Shirley babies you a bit a first but you appreciate this once your on tocomplex Gurdjieffian ideas If you re still interested and I am the book offers a number of different investigative leads people to explore and books to read.

  7. Jason Jason says:

    This guy was an awesome spiritual teacher who found enlightenment through work The key here is never rest and always get the job done and you will gaininsight into your own being than anyone or anything else can teach you A little drawn out, though.

  8. Lucinda Winslow Lucinda Winslow says:

    Great modern biography, beautifully written, carefully researched and offered sincerely as one solution to the gathering challenges of our times A must read for all who love Gurdjieff s Work.

  9. Chris Estey Chris Estey says:

    Religious cults and small businesses music genres and corporate cultures

  10. Trilly Trilly says:

    A really accessible biographical account of a fascinatingly impenetrable character.

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