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Heartswap Celia Brayfield s Heartswap follows on from her earlier successes Pearls, Harvest, Getting Home and Sunset and returns to familiar territory the perennial battles and misunderstandings between the st century sexes The novel begins with transatlantic e mails between two old friends discussing their impending marriages, Flora to Dillon, Financial products design ft in Buns of custard , and Georgie to Felix, a medical researcher investigating the mysteries of Lightoller s Syndrome All seems well until their glacial, glamorous former boss Donna suggests that they try to seduce each other s man as a trial of their fidelity and commitment Against Flora and Georgie s better instincts both find themselves playing the game To their relief, they find that their initial attempts at seduction are rebuffed but then as Heartswap is at pains to insist, men are never as simple nor as reliable as that The prose is sometimes lacking in wit and humour, the guys are rather stereotypical and the story spirals into increasingly black and rather unexpected territory However, Brayfield s novel is still a well observed and acerbic comedy of manners between the sexes in the economic acropolis of London at the beginning of the new millennium Lucy Snowe

About the Author: Celia Brayfield

Celia Brayfield has written four non fiction books and nine novels of which Mister Fabulous and Friends is currently in development for television Her novel Heartswap was optioned by Paramount and Harvest for Chrysalis Films Celia is currently working on a series of historical novels She also teaches Creative Writing at Bath Spa University and Brunel University.After attending St Paul s Girls School in London, Celia went to Grenoble University in France to study French Language and Literature, before moving into journalism at The Times She has one daughter and lives in Oxfordshire.

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    It was a great storyline but the book wasn t that attention grabbing

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