I Saw Heaven: A Remarkable Visit to the Spirit World eBook

I Saw Heaven: A Remarkable Visit to the Spirit World On September when Larry Tooley s scaffold fell and he plunged to the concrete floor below, one of the most remarkable near death experiences ever recorded began I Saw Heaven is the complete account of his accident and his extensive tour beyond the veil As Larry s spirit left his body and journeyed upward, he passed through a foreboding fog and witnessed agonized souls in outer darkness Then, drawn to a brilliant light and greeted by a being who emanated overwhelming love, he underwent a life review and experienced the stripping away of earthly impurities Larry was shown through a kingdom of beauty and order He saw communities with buildings made from a marble like material, surrounded by beautiful trees and landscaping They visited a learning center where he was shown advanced ways of obtaining knowledge They toured a genealogical research center where people were working to establish their relationships with their forefathers, and he was taught the importance of linking families together A family reunion was held for him to acquaint himself with many of his relatives, ad he found that he could learn all about them by embracing them He met his sister, Wendy, who had died shortly after her birth, and found her adorned in a brilliant white robe which reflected her advanced level of progression His guide led him to the outskirts of the heavenly city where God dwells, nestled at the base of a mountain He saw from afar the immensity of the city with its beautiful domed spires He felt the city s divinity and was told of the restrictions concerning who may enter it Larry was also shown other worlds and traveled among them He was able to re experience his conversation with his pre mortal sweetheart just before their birth into mortality One of his most intriguing encounters was with the council which eventually gave him permission to return to earth and resume his mortal life

About the Author: Lawrence E. Tooley

Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the I Saw Heaven: A Remarkable Visit to the Spirit World book, this is one of the most wanted Lawrence E Tooley author readers around the world.

10 thoughts on “I Saw Heaven: A Remarkable Visit to the Spirit World

  1. Tim Malone Tim Malone says:

    This is one of those Duane Crowther specials His editing is evident in the presentation of the story and the checklist at the end I m not knocking what we got In fact, I would say this is Crowther at his finest But because of the editing, I m not sure that we got Larry s story as he remembered it but as Duane discove

  2. Amberly Amberly says:

    I ve had this book for quite a while, someone gave it to me I wasn t really interested but for some reason decided to pick it up yesterday It s a fast read The premise is fascinating a man visits heaven after dying temporarily on earth, but then returns to earth with vivid memories of the spirit world.The writing isn t great

  3. Andria Nerdin Andria Nerdin says:

    The description of what the author went through was intense I suppose that s to be expected from near death experiences, but it gave me chills Other than that, I really enjoyed his telling of what he saw.

  4. Monica Monica says:

    It s hard for me to read books like this and not be at least a little skeptical But I tried to be open minded about it and actually found it very interesting Whether this account, or accounts like it, are completely factual, partially factual, or even completely fabricated which I personally don t believe this one is , it definitely provokes t

  5. Kim Kim says:

    A wonderful story about real events A man who had a near death experience and gets the chance to come back to set things right, or to continue living and growing It makes me wonder how many people out there have had these experiences, and how many have seen beyond the veil I believe that the way one lives here on earth can bring them closer to God, and

  6. Sarah Stevens Sarah Stevens says:

    I got this book for my dad, who is very interested in life after death accounts He liked it quite a bit and recommended that I read it as well While not particularly well written from a literary sense, it is definitely thought provoking and inspiring from a spiritual and intellectual standpoint It was a quick, enjoyable read.

  7. Kathryn Kathryn says:

    Interesting near death experience book I believe there are many near death experiences in the Book of Mormon where people were laid to the ground for 3 days who saw God and were taught by God and then returned to their bodies on earth and finished their life.

  8. Quinton Baran Quinton Baran says:

    I really enjoyed this personable account of a horrible accident and the experiences that happened afterwards I found it to be faith promoting and entertaining.

  9. Wayne Wayne says:

    Not sure that I agreed with all of it.

  10. Marissa Marissa says:

    I read this book in one day and I really liked it It was about a man who died but he was not meant to die so he went the the spirit world and got a second chance and came back to Earth.

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