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Infinity Son Balancing epic and intensely personal stakes, bestselling author Adam Silvera s Infinity Son is a gritty, fast paced adventure about two brothers caught up in a magical war generations in the makingGrowing up in New York, brothers Emil and Brighton always idolized the Spell Walkers a vigilante group sworn to rid the world of specters While the Spell Walkers and other celestials are born with powers, specters take them, violently stealing the essence of endangered magical creaturesBrighton wishes he had a power so he could join the fray Emil just wants the fighting to stop The cycle of violence has taken a toll, making it harder for anyone with a power to live peacefully and openly In this climate of fear, a gang of specters has been growing bolder by the dayThen, in a brawl after a protest, Emil manifests a power of his own one that puts him right at the heart of the conflict and sets him up to be the heroic Spell Walker Brighton always wanted to beBrotherhood, love, and loyalty will be put to the test, and no one will escape the fight unscathed

About the Author: Adam Silvera

Adam Silvera is the New York Times bestselling author of More Happy Than Not, History Is All You Left Me, and They Both Die at the End His next bookWhat If It s Us is co written by Becky Albertalli Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda and releases on October 9th, 2018.He writes full time in New York City and is tall for no reason.

10 thoughts on “Infinity Son

  1. Kai Kai says:

    A phoenix might live forever but my hopes just died with this book.You might be shaking your head, thinking One star, for real Bit of a dramatic move. Well, that makes two of us I didn t have high expectations when I started this book both

  2. Adam Silvera Adam Silvera says:


  3. chai ♡ chai ♡ says:

    Adam Silvera fantasy gay is a combination that can defeat Thanos

  4. Jesse (JesseTheReader) Jesse (JesseTheReader) says:

    I still need to sit on this one for a bit to know how I really feel There were parts of it that I really enjoyed I loved Emil s storyline, I loved all the celestials that we got to know, I love all the twists this story brought on On the other hand I found issue in the world building and the pacing This felt like a very in and out book for me when it c

  5. Alex ✰ Comets and Comments ✰ Alex ✰ Comets and Comments ✰ says:

    Times passes, and the agony doesn t go away The faintest phoenix song begs me to survive, but I m tired of the music and wish someone would put out my fire for goodAdam Silvera is keeping his crown on making people cry with his books This book definitely made me want to cry._______________ Having all the ingredients and not following any recipe I m going to sta

  6. jessica jessica says:

    OH NO WHY, ADAM WHYYYYYY WHAT HAPPENED can we please make a pact and just agree that we are all suffering from collective amnesia and this book never happened because i love adam silvera, hes a sweetheart, and i really dont want to drag him and his new book, but its really the only thing i can do many reviews do a great job with going in depth as to why this book is suc

  7. Hamad Hamad says:

    This Review Blog Twitter InstagramI didn t grow up with powers, but I ve been a brother for eighteen years No fire burns brighter than thatI am going to be the villain in this story and say that maybe Adam should stick to writing contemporary novels and I am going to explain why I initially gave the book 3 stars as I felt pressured to do so in support of Adam but that would not

  8. Miranda Reads Miranda Reads says:

    A new BookTube Video is Up all about whether you should buy, borrow or burn 2020 YA books Let me know what you think The Written Review 20 pgs THIS BOOK ROCKS MY SOCKS 50 pgs Let me get my rainbow flag and shout it from the rooftops.100 pgs I don t know why everyone is hating on this glorious superhero book 150 pgs Ohhhhnow I get it The Full Review The strongest power above all is a livi

  9. Cristina Monica Cristina Monica says:

    I can hardly get over how bad this is.

  10. sarah xoxo sarah xoxo says:

    New York Magic Phoenixes Gay Adam Silvera An indestructible combination right Wrong L I K E S The ideaI will expand on this later, but I really thought I would love this book for a variety of reasons The summary intrigued me, and my excitement was only increased because it was by one of my favourite authors The bare bones idea of this book was amazing, but unfortunately the execution didn t do it justice

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