It's My Life Now: Starting Over After an Abusive

It's My Life Now: Starting Over After an Abusive Relationship or Domestic Violence Those who have never experienced an abusive or violent relationship often believe that upon finding a way out, victimsOCO difficulties are solved their life is good, they are safe, and recovery will be swift However, survivors know that leaving is not the end of the nightmare it is the beginning of an often difficult and challenging journey toward healing and happiness ItOCOs My Life Now offers readers the practical guidance, emotional reassurance, and psychological awareness that survivors of relationship abuse and domestic violence need to heal and reclaim their lives after leaving their abusersSince its publication in , It s My Life Now has been highly successful as a working manual for survivors who are starting their lives over after an abusive relationship This valuable book combines direction on practical and emotional issues with worksheets and self exploration exercises Now, in the second edition, Dugan and Hock include updated information and resources while encompassing a wider range of individuals and the relationships in which abuse and violence occur The new edition also provides a new emphasis on safety assessment, which has increasingly been shown to be a critical factor in recovery In addition, this new edition includes current resources and information about organizations for victims along with revised and enhanced strategies to help survivors move forward on the path of recovery

10 thoughts on “It's My Life Now: Starting Over After an Abusive Relationship or Domestic Violence

  1. Charlotte Charlotte says:

    I m not sure if it s because of my level of familiarity as a reader at this point or because the book could have gone intodepth in some places, but I don t think I learned anything too earth shattering.Nonetheless I think it provides a great deal of super helpful, practical information for people who might be incredibly

  2. Caroline Caroline says:

    Probably closer to 3.5 A bit of a disclaimer about my review I actually happened to go to therapy during the midst of an abusive relationship, and ended up having a few couples counseling sessions with my ex before we broke up then continued to go to therapy after the break up I was also fortunate in that my therapist had work

  3. Namid Namid says:

    Very helpful and informative book This book greatly helped me on my journey to heal.

  4. Kerie Kerie says:

    p.145Needs to beinfo on psychopathic revenge tactics triangulation denial in the face of admissions evidence and smearing the victim Lies of the Abuser should be 1 It s so common they always deny, blame, do things for revenge and smear their wives It s pretty sickening, but it s true Good book though helpful at times xo

  5. Jill Hayhurst Jill Hayhurst says:

    Very insightful book for anyone that s been in an abusive relationship You feel so very alone and lost during and after being in this kind of situation, this book brings to light the truth and real reason for the abuse and it makes you see that you are far from alone as most abusers have similar tactics.

  6. Laurie Garcia Laurie Garcia says:

    A great book about moving past abuse It focuses on the different stages one goes through when dealing with the trauma of an abusive relationship I highly recommend this book for those that struggle, have struggled, or know someone that struggles with an abusive relationship This book really helped me.

  7. Carly Thom Carly Thom says:

    Extremely eye opening I knew that my relationship was unhealthy when I left, but reading this book validated, not only my decision to leave, but also my mixed feelings and struggles after the fact I would suggest it to anyone who may think they may be in an abusive relationship.

  8. Cat Cat says:

    Helpful advice, common sense, personal quizzes, and a list of resources for those who have managed to escape from an abusive relationshp Deals with friends before, during,a and after emotions fear, anger, guilt regret, contact with abuser after leaving children and their emotions building a new life budgets, jobs, self care.

  9. Caroline Abbott Caroline Abbott says:

    Really liked it Looked at healing from abuse from a psychologist s point of view Very helpful info.

  10. Larissa Larissa says:

    every victim should read this and do the writing exercises it helped me let go and regain my strength

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