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Jeremy and Corbyn: A Post-Truth Novel A tale of historical and political faction from debut author Simon L Baxter The world s first Post Truth novel, Jeremy and Corbyn is the answer to the challenge of the moment for political fiction writers everywhere A fictional re telling of the real events of , including actual speeches and debates mischievously re spun, the fictitious world of Jeremy and Corbyn speaks a profound truth about the stranger than fiction political era we have now entered Friends since childhood, Jeremy and Corbyn grew up to be very different people, yet maintained their friendship through a combination of inertia and routine Now all that is about to be put to the test Austerity Britain, the Scottish referendum, Labour s general election defeat, the mass migration of refugees into Europe, the crisis in Greece, and, of course, the Labour Party leadership contest around these tumultuous events a story is woven of an establishment in crisis of hope and alienation of Reform and Revolution Join Jeremy, Corbyn, a shadowy right wing network known only as the Inner Steel , a Greek student named Amalia, and a cat called El Gato , as they navigate a period in political history where everything changed, and nothing would ever be quite the same again Simon L Baxter was a member of the British Labour Party until expelled in the summer ofas part of the purge of supporters of Jeremy Corbyn

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