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Journey Into Fear Returning to his hotel room after a late night flirtation with a cabaret dancer at an Istanbul bo te, Graham is surprised by an intruder with a gun What follows is a nightmare of intrigue for the English armaments engineer as he makes his way home aboard an Italian freighter Among the passengers are a couple of Nazi assassins intent on preventing his returning to England with plans for a Turkish defense system, the seductive cabaret dancer and her manager husband, and a number of surprising allies Thrilling, intense, and masterfully plotted, Journey Into Fear is a classic suspense tale from one of the founders of the genre

About the Author: Eric Ambler

Eric Ambler began his writing career in the early 1930s, and quickly established a reputation as a thriller writer of extraordinary depth and originality He is often credited as the inventor of the modern political thriller and John Le Carre once described him as the source on which we all draw Ambler began his working life at an engineering firm, then as a copywriter at an advertising agency, while in his spare time he worked on his ambition to become a playwright His first novel was published in 1936 and as his reputation as a novelist grew he turned to writing full time During the war he was seconded to the Army Film Unit, where he wrote, among other projects, The Way Ahead with Peter Ustinov He moved to Hollywood in 1957 and during his eleven years there scripted some memorable films, including A Night to Remember and The Cruel Sea, which won him an Oscar nomination In a career spanning over sixty years, Eric Ambler wrote nineteen novels and was awarded the Crime Writers Association Gold Dagger Award for Passage of Arms in 1960 He was married to Joan Harrison, who wrote or co wrote many of Alfred Hitchcock s screenplays in fact Hitchcock organized their wedding Eric Ambler died in London in October 1998.

10 thoughts on “Journey Into Fear

  1. Bill Kerwin Bill Kerwin says:

    In this novel set in the months before World War II, Eric Ambler uses his typical hero a novice inadevertently caught up in the world of international intrigue to explore the reality of fear how it affects perceptions, alters attitudes, and undermines the will, and yet how if embraced and acknowledged it may lead an ordinary man to

  2. AC AC says:

    All ratings relative to the genre, of course.3.5 stars.Ambler wrote a series of novels from 1936 1940, then stopped for 12 years, returning to fiction in 1952 This is the last of the early works Though these early works are considered Classics , I found this book a shade immature in its technique, compared at least to Passage of Arms, which

  3. Connie G Connie G says:

    Eric Ambler has chosen an everyman to be the protagonist of this suspenseful novel Graham is a nice, quiet, intelligent armaments engineer from northern England who has just finished a long business trip advising the Turkish navy He goes back to his hotel room in Istanbul and is surprised by a man who shoots several times before disappearing out the

  4. Cphe Cphe says:

    Nicely atmospheric thriller The novel takes place in the months leading up to the second world war A mild mannered engineer becomes caught up in a situation beyond his control Really enjoyed the setting of this novel from the seedy bar cabaret in Istanbul to the claustrophobic steamer The story motored along at a fast pace and the male characters were well p

  5. Daniel Daniel says:

    As I hardly recall this book, I decided to flip through it before writing a short review In short order, I found a few passages that capture some of the reasons why I enjoy reading Eric Ambler.From page 7 in the mass market edition that I have Over dinner at the Pera Palace Hotel, Kopeikin gave war news For him, the Soviets were still the July assassins of Nicholas t

  6. Daniel Polansky Daniel Polansky says:

    A bourgeois technocrat is targeted for assassination by Nazi agents As I said last week, Ambler wrote the best spy novels of anybody ever The plot is airtight, he has a real gift for the internal mechanics of the story His everyman almost hero is thoughtful and human in a way we don t normally see in this type of book, and he has an admirable subtlety in his character buildin

  7. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    Classic WWII espionage novel A civilian engineer working on a pivotal project for the Turkish navy is singled out for assasination by Nazi spies Can he survive the trip back to England The writing isLe Carre than James Bondtalking than action A quick read.

  8. Laura Laura says:

    From BBC Radio 4 Unassuming engineer Mr Graham runs for his life across war torn Europe Classic 1940s thriller read by Richard Greenwood.I also read the printed version of this book by my rating didn t change.

  9. Lyn Elliott Lyn Elliott says:

    A classic Eric Ambler thriller, found in the library in this Penguin reissue.

  10. Al Al says:

    I liked A Coffin for Demetrios, and wanted to readEric Ambler All our library system seemed to have was one of those four in one volumes of Mr Ambler s work, of which the first was Journey Into Fear Having just finished that, I m glad there are threewell, really only two, because ACfD is also in this volume and, although I liked it a lot, I m not ready to read it again It s well known I like thirties and WW II

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