KING OF CONTACTS - 69 Ways To Easily Get In Touch With New

KING OF CONTACTS - 69 Ways To Easily Get In Touch With New Clients And Partners For Your Business Whether you are looking for new clients or new business partners this book gives you many creative ideas where to find them and how to get in touch with them And even if you want to build up an organization in Network Marketing this book will show you where you can find your future team partners Sometimes it is also good to know some of these methods if you just moved into a new city or find yourself alone at a business event Contacts only harm the one who has none King Of Contacts is not only about all the ideas what you can do, but also about some easy to learn techniques to be prepared when you finally meet potential clients, business or team partners Widen your horizon with additional fresh methods and ideas to keep yourself motivated and grow your network every day Even if you are a very shy person, you will find a very helpful system for how to talk to anybody you want in less than a week Get rid of the fear of talking to strangers The simple systems will prepare you and guide you to successfully get in touch with new contacts This book gives an insight into a lot of field proven actions Oliver worked through with his clients over the lastyears It is super simple if you know what to do and how to it About the author After thanyears in sales and thanyears of training and coaching some of the top salespeople in the world in companies like , Samsung, Vodafone, etc on how to make millions in sales and profits, Oliver Meier founded the Get More Academy Where he decided that it is time to show you the unique systems how to grow your business and live the life you deserve Within his SELL formula, he has various systems that are easily adaptable for every business from solopreneurs to Fortunecompanies on how to get new customers, grow profits with existing clients and make them your fans forever Most of his systems can be fully automated From his early days in sales, he aimed to be and always became one of the top salesmen within his teams Lead by example and an ongoing self development process, especially in sales and communication skills made him successful quickly and let him climb the career ladder very fast Because of his success and his open minded nature he is a popular international trainer, speaker, and coach

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