Landfall along the Chesapeake: In the Wake of Captain John

Landfall along the Chesapeake: In the Wake of Captain John Smith In , Susan Schmidt retraced John Smith svoyage on the Chesapeake Bay In Landfall along the Chesapeake, a cruising guide for Chesapeake boaters and a field log for naturalists, Schmidt compares the beauty of ancestral legacy and childhood memory to her observations on aday voyage in afoot boatAs she circles the Bay counterclockwise from Jamestown, she explores Smith s encounters with Native Americans and the Bay s ecological changes over the past four hundred years On each river and creek, she quotes Smith s journals on matching wits with Powhatan, meeting Pocahontas, surviving thunderstorms, ambush, and a stingray s barb Anchored on wild creeks, Schmidt observes swans and dragonflies, lightning and sunsets in port she interviews colorful characters and working watermen about blue crabs and oystersScientists explain the Bay s nitrogen overload, water level rise, anoxia, Pfiesteria, Kepone, and the Ghost Fleet Native American chiefs discuss their heritage then and now Ashore, Schmidt walks on her ancestor s farm, now a military chemical dump, and climbs her grandfather s lighthouse Despite her despair at bad air quality and diminished fisheries, and her dread of high wind and rough seas, Schmidt expresses gratitude for small town hospitality and the navigation skills her father taught her

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    I needed an escape from the stupidity of our politicians and I found it in this book Susan Schmidt traveled around the Chesapeake Bay visiting friends, exploring creeks and rivers and following the foot steps of Captain John Smith Susan is an

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