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NOW AVAILABLE This was a 4 star read for me.This is my second book by Ms Swyler and it is really quite different I believe that The Book of Speculation was magical realism and this one is science fiction I think it might be important for readers to know that I do not read science fiction and some parts of this novel were just plain frustrating for me The believability factor was a problem for me at first but then I thought I would just sort of turn myself over to the book and just see where it would carry me.We are thrown into the future right at the beginning of the book as Nedda Papas is waking up on the spaceship Crawla, to the sound of birdsong from her now long ago childhood She and her crewmates are on a several years journey to another planet where they will build a base and determine whether this may be a planet suitable for human life since earth is slowly dying The science part of this section and a lot of the book is what dragged for me and some of the descriptions were quite long It was in the frustrating scientific details that this book lost me a little, I just wanted to get on with the story I however did learn, and you should know it now because it will appear many times in the book that Entropy is the measure of randomness or disorder in a system wikepedia or as Nedda had learned from her father, Is it about entropy.He told me that s what the machine was for To control it To speed it up, or to stop it It s heat loss, energy loss, but it s time too The setting for the dual timeline is 1986 in a small town around NASA s rocket and shuttle launching station Nedda Papes was lying on the top of her dad s car waiting to catch a glimpse of Halley s Comet We get to know Nedda very well, her love of all things space related, her obsession to someday be an astronaut The absolute horror as she watched on the TV at school, The Challenger shuttle blow up with all of the astronaut s lives lost She is 11 years old and is brilliant in science but otherwise a typical pre adolescent She has a good friend, Denny, whose orange grove they like to hide in, they also like to stop in Pete s backyard, he collects old NASA equipment and just anything basically from all of the previous launches, he used to work there and if something interesting was being thrown away Pete would probably bring it home.There are lot of characters in this novel and I won t go through all of them, they are flawed, some likable, some not, but I found them believable You have also read a blurb about where some of the story is going, but I think you will all be surprised I m not going to talk about the plot in fear of spoiling your enjoyment of the book This novel I believe is about exploration and loss, fathers and daughters, mothers and how they are sometimes seen through their daughter s eyes Betheen told her daughter Don t think for one second he s the only reason you re smart At times I wasn t sure where the many threads of this story were leading but it was a fun and entertaining ride I received an ARC of this novel from the author and publisher through NetGalley Eleven year old Nedda Papas wants to be an astronaut Her father once worked for NASA was laid off and she is devastated when she watched the Challenger Catastrophe at her school I could relate to this part of the book as I also watched the Challenger break apart 73 seconds into its flight live in my science class But that is not where the book begins, the book begins when an adult Nedda is in space aboard the Chawla She has been in space for two years and has several to go before they land The crew is in search of a new place to live as Earth is slowly dying While in space she is looking back at her childhood, her parents, her father s experiment, her friend, Denny, the Challenger explosion, her school and community This book was a bit of a struggle for me and there were times that I thought of putting the book down and not finishing But I pushed through I am on the fence with Science fiction I either love of or just can t connect with it As I stated I struggled with this one The science parts really slowed this book down for me and I found that as always, it was the human relationships which worked I did appreciate how the Author tried to give the reader various perspectives through the people in the town about Nedda s father s experiment and his reason for the experiment I typically do not have an issue with suspending belief but for some reason this just didn t work for me here Consider me an outlier The dual time lines didn t bother me however, as I mentioned I just struggled through this entire book I believe this is of a case of it is me and not the book Read other reviews and read the book synopsis I believe most science fiction fans will really enjoy this book.Thank you to Bloomsbury Publishing and NetGalley who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review All the thoughts and opinions are my own. 4.5 starsScience fiction is not a genre I typically read, but there was something about the description of this book that appealed to me I am than a little surprised at how much I loved it Most of the sci fi stuff was beyond me and while I didn t find most of it believable, the author did a fabulous job of helping me to imagine it Eleven year old Nedda loves space travel and astronauts and science and her heart is broken when The Challenger crashes Nedda s love of space travel and her ambition to go to space is realized in this dual time narrative The story begins from her present on a spacecraft on a journey to a planet to explore whether it could be a safe haven as the earth slowly is destructing It moves back and forth to 1986, when she is eleven, the time of an experiment that alters time, when so much changes Her father, a professor who has lost his job at NASA has also had his heart broken by a loss that he and Nedda s mother have kept from her Theo is on a mission to extend her childhood What an incredible thing it would be to hold on to that precise moment where genius was born what an incredible thing it would be to hold on to that precise moment A well meaning and full of love desire, but his experiment turns into something that goes horribly wrong, affecting their entire town The narratives connect in a way that is both beautiful and heartbreaking This is a thought provoking story full of heart and the depth of love for one s children that every parent knows and this is reflected in both her father Theo and her mother Betheen There s such humanity, the relationships and emotions are not hard to imagine at all They are as real as they get.While this book was on my radar and an arc already on my kindle, it was Elyse s beautifully convincing review that moved me to read this Here s her review received an advanced copy of this book from Bloomsbury through NetGalley. Intriguing premise but innefective execution Would recommend Light from Other Stars to fans of The Sunlight Pilgrims by Jenni Fagan or Borne by Jeff Vandermeer She d been little when he d told her about the beginning of the universe and how the solar system was born How the sun was like an island, and the planets were ships sailing around it He d said, Pluto is our far star sailor, the way other people said Once upon a time His words opened a door inside her. From the author of national bestseller The Book of Speculation, a poignant, fantastical novel about the electric combination of ambition wonder that keeps us reaching toward the heavens.Eleven year old Nedda Papas is obsessed with becoming an astronaut In 1986 in Easter, a small Florida Space Coast town, her dreams seem almost within reach if she can just grow up fast enough Theo, the scientist father she idolizes, is consumed by his own obsessions Laid off from his job at NASA and still reeling from the loss of Nedda s newborn brother several years before, Theo turns to the dangerous dream of extending his living daughter s childhood just a little longer The result is an invention that alters the fabric of time.Amidst the chaos that erupts, Nedda must confront her father and his secrets, the ramifications of which will irrevocably change her life, her community, and the entire world But she finds an unexpected ally in Betheen, the mother she s never quite understood, who surprises Nedda by seeing herclearly than anyone else Decades later, Nedda has achieved her long held dream, and as she floats in antigravity, far from earth, she and her crewmates face a serious crisis Nedda may hold the key to the solution, if she can come to terms with her past and the future that awaits her Light from Other Stars is about fathers and daughters, women and the forces that hold them back, and the cost of meaningful work It questions how our lives have changed, what progress looks like, and what it really means to sacrifice for the greater good. I don t normally read science fiction and I m usually not too keen on books about space travel either, so I surprised even myself when I decided to pick up Erika Swyler s latest work Light from Other Stars It s hard to pinpoint exactly why, but when I first read the summary, I was drawn to the story and was curious how it would turn out While I did end up liking the story as well as the characters a lot, I have to admit that all the science and space stuff went way over my head, to the point that I considered abandoning this than once and moving on to something requiring less struggle I persevered however and I m so glad I did, as the story was definitely worth it, especially the aspects of family, relationships, love, and humanity that were so deftly explored through the events that unfold around the main character Nedda Papas in both the past timeline which took place in 1986 and the future, inside the space shuttle Chawla Speaking of which, the dual timeline format utilized in this story was unique and unlike many of the other books I ve read before two seemingly unrelated narratives that went off on very different tangents, but then converged in a way that surprised me The writing was the other aspect of this novel that stood out it was incredibly descriptive for sure, but significantly, there was also a gentleness to it, with the author taking a delicate approach to all the characters while not hiding the flaws that made them human These were characters that were realistically drawn, yet at the same time, also didn t feel real given the things that happen in the story Surreal that s the word that kept churning about in my mind throughout the entire time I was reading this Despite that, as well as the difficult for me subject matter, I still felt captivated by the story and the lyrical nature of the prose If this review sounds vague, it s deliberate, as this is one of those stories that needs to be experienced for yourself To be quite honest, I actually don t think I understood a lot of what I read, since, like I said earlier, I get lost easily when it comes to stories that are heavy on scientific stuff and space travel, but I think what helped the most in this case was focusing on the other elements of the story that were easily accessible and not thinking too much about the parts I was not able to wrap my head around This is my first time reading this author s works and even though I struggled through this one largely due to the subject matter , I am still interested in reading of her works in the future This was definitely a different experience for me and while I probably still won t choose to read a whole lot of science fiction because it s just not my thing, I don t mind occasionally reading outside of my comfort zone, especially since finishing a book like this one feels so rewarding Received ARC from Bloomsbury Publishing via NetGalley. Light from Other Stars is certainly not an easy book to review It holds a lot of meaning and very deep emotion, and the idea behind it is definitely interesting a science experiment gone wrong that sends the whole town into a temporal bubble and makes it effectively disappear for some 50 years, after which it surfaces like some real life nostalgia in a futuristic world of our day So while it s a great premise, it s just So, so sad.Light from Other Stars is largely about the trauma the main character went through in losing her dad, her childish innocence, her best friend and the tether to a safe, carefree reality something we all lose sooner or later, as we grow up Those kinds of topics are no walk in the part, so I kept stopping as I was reading because it would just keep bringing me down.Light from Other Stars is told through two perspectives, the past and the present for the same character, Nedda She witnesses the deaths of a group of astronauts during a NASA launch, but than that the very next day something terrible happens in her town and her father is to blame It s also something really, really weird and nobody will even believe her at first, and she has to deal with it both physically as well as emotionally The other perspective is also Nedda, but years later, on a colonizing ship to Mars, trying to not die with complications of the trip Things on Earth also don t seem to be going that well So none of these storylines are by any means cheerful However, the biggest problem with the Light from Other Stars for me wasn t that it was sad, but the fact that it dragged I only became invested way past the halfway point, so if I was a quicker DNF er, I would have never read on Light from Other Stars is about loss, love, pain and regret, lost time But it s also about science, the future and building a new life somewhere else It s about parents and children, loners and friends It s about growing up, growing apart and moving on These emotional concepts are presented through a temporal anomaly and this makes them even real How would it be if you could see your parents as children or meet them young Or if you lost them for reasons other than old age What if you could talk to your child before they were born to you What would your feelings become and how would you deal with the loss, the grief, the confusion Light from Other Stars deals with these questions and , and the pain explored is profound, but so is the growth and understanding gained I thank the publisher for giving me a free copy for review through NetGalley in exchange to my honest review This has not affected my opinion.Book Blog Themed Bookstagram Quick Update Bookstagram Bookish Twitter I loved the premise of Light From Other Stars when I read it The story lost me, unfortunately It s not a bad story or badly written I got lost somewhere in the scientific stuff, and I just couldn t maintain interest enough I skimmed through probably half of the story If scientific stuff is your thing, you ll like it Thanks to NetGalley for an arc in exchange for an honest review. This is a deeply beautiful book like a 4.5 for me , although it has a promotional pitch that is perhaps misleading Indeed this book consists of two parallel stories Nedda s father s science experiment going array when she is a child and flash forward scenes aboard a space ship when Nedda is older and an astronaut What I think you DON T get from the promotional copy is that this book is sci fi and those elements will figure prominently into one and ultimately both of these plot lines.I only mention this because when this book first went into that sci fi direction, it threw me for a loop Nedda and her friend Denny have an exceptional morning as many kids in my generation did watching the Challenge disaster on TV at school Being that this is a story about a girl who ultimately becomes an astronaut who adorable muses to herself as a child, it was stupid to send grown men into space when a girl would be a better fit , it feels like this desire to go to outer space will be the main narrative thrust of the plot However, after the crash the kids encounter a small monkey that s captured in a kind of space time bubble and things get decidedly weird very fast If you re down with that sort of thing, then buckle upyou re in for a fascinating ride If however, you were expecting of a family drama with space themes, you may be disappointed.In some ways, reading this book requires a level of trust in the author The plot spirals out in all sorts of unexpected directions that might have some readers pausing to ask themselves, Wait, what But, if you stick with it, all of these points ultimately connect to each other and fit together seamlessly by the book s conclusion to create something beautiful I m also giving this book bonus point for having an incredibly kick ass mom character in Betheen Would that all of us had the skills to handle a huge life existential crisis so gracefully and parent so smoothly Be scared she says to her daughter at one point, But don t let being scared keep you from doing something Important things are always frightening We can be scared, and we can work scared Can someone make Betheen our next President My only quibble with the book and it s a small one is that I would have loved to gotten to know about the townspeople in Easter But I think if we did this would have been very a different book a book about a strange event in a small town And ultimately this book has bigger goals examining loss and fear, family and survival I m thankful to the author and NetGalley for granting me the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review. I have super mixed feelings about this book There were some parts of it that were incredibly well done, but other parts of it that were a slog to get through because they were so bogged down by scientific detail I gotta think about it a little Light from Other Stars

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Erika Swyler is the bestelling author of Light From Other stars, and The Book of Speculation Her essays and short fiction have appeared in Catapult, Literary Hub, VIDA, The New York Times, and elsewhere Erika lives on Long Island, NY, with her husband and a petulant rabbit She writes, bakes, is a casual runner, and has very strong feelings about typewriters.

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