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LIGHTSPEED is an online science fiction and fantasy magazine In its pages, you will find science fiction from near future, sociological soft SF, to far future, star spanning hard SF and fantasy from epic fantasy, sword and sorcery, and contemporary urban tales, to magical realism, science fantasy, and folktales Even in science fiction, supposedly the genre of limitless possibility, where everyone is invited to the adventure, heterosexual, heteroromantic, and cisgendered are considered the default, to the extent that everything else is deviation, and must be eyed with suspicion LIGHTSPEED was founded on the core idea that all science fiction is real science fiction The whole point of this magazine is that science fiction is vast It is inclusive Science fiction is about people, and queer people, no matter how they identify Gay, lesbian, bisexual, demisexual, asexual, pansexual, intersex, transgender, genderfluid, genderqueer anyone who fits within the QUILTBAG , are a big part of that They always have been They re just sometimes harder to see So, in the interests of visibility and breaking stuff, Queers Destroy Science Fiction will show you just how wide the spectrum of sexuality and gender identity can really be This special all queer issue features original science fiction short stories from John Chu, Kate M Galey, Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam, Chaz Brenchley, Felicia Davin, Rose Lemberg, Jessica Yang, KM Szpara, Amal El Mohtar, Tim Susman, and Susan Jane Bigelow Plus, we have original flash fiction from E Saxey, Charles Payseur, Claudine Griggs, Stephen Cox, Eliza Gauger, Erica L Satifka, Gabrielle Friesen, Gabby Reed, Shannon Peavey, Sarah Pinsker, Bogi Tak cs, and JY Yang, and reprints by RJ Edwards, AMJ Hudson, Raven Kaldera, Rand B Lee, and Geoff Ryman All that, and we also have our usual assortment of author and artist spotlights, along with our latest book review column and an assortment of nonfiction features, plus than twenty personal essays from writers about their experiences being queer reading and writing science fiction Lightspeed Magazine, June 2015 (Queers Destroy Science Fiction! Special Issue)

About the Author: Seanan McGuire

Hi I m Seanan McGuire, author of the Toby Daye series Rosemary and Rue, A Local Habitation, An Artificial Night, Late Eclipses , as well as a lot of other things I m also Mira Grant , author of Feed and Deadline.Born and raised in Northern California, I fear weather and am remarkably laid back about rattlesnakes I watch too many horror movies, read too many comic books, and share my house with two monsters in feline form, Lilly and Alice Siamese and Maine Coon.I do not check this inbox Please don t send me messages through Goodreads they won t be answered I don t want to have to delete this account.

10 thoughts on “Lightspeed Magazine, June 2015 (Queers Destroy Science Fiction! Special Issue)

  1. Kalin Kalin says:

    I definitely liked this anthology better thanQueers Destroy FantasyIt feltdiverse and fleshed out.My notes as I read Amal El Mohtar s book reviews were passionate and compassionate a winning mixture They almost won me over to try Elizabeth Bear s Karen Memory Almost, because, well, I m not adding anything to my To read list before I bring

  2. Amy Amy says:

    4.5 stars, not quite as amazing as Lightspeed s Women Destroy Science Fiction, but only by a hair Some of my favorites of the original fiction John Chu s Influence Isolated, Make Peace and Amal El Mohtar s Madeleine From the Flash Fiction Rubbing is Racing by Charles Payseur, Helping Hand by Claudine Griggs, and Sarah Pinsker s In the Dawns

  3. ~~Poulomi Sylphrena Tonk$~~ ~~Poulomi Sylphrena Tonk$~~ says:

    Good, short read I came across this while scrouging for some short story to pass time Better classified as under psychological genre than science fiction.

  4. Bridget Mckinney Bridget Mckinney says:

    Read the original review at SF BluestockingLast year, Lightspeed invited women to destroy SF this year the LGBTQ community gets their turn It s glorious, and it kicked off this month with a massive special issue of Lightspeed.At over 500 pages according to my epub of it , Queers Destroy Science Fiction is a weighty piece of work, and it s clear th

  5. Rebecca Crunden Rebecca Crunden says:

    I ve just stumbled upon this collection of LGBT stories and I can t wait to dive into them all It s 500 pages too, like YAAAAS But also, I do not have time for these wonderful distractions THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS I WANT TO READ AND THE LIST IS ONLY GROWING GOOD GRIEF This is like the best problem to have, really, but still, the ever growing TBR is r

  6. Amogha Amogha says:

    She wonders at how change comes in like a thief in the night, dismantling our sense of self one bolt and screw at a time until all that s left of the person we think we are is a broken door hanging off a rusty hinge, waiting for us to walk through I can t help but nod at how true this statement is Dealing with change is something we constantly battle wi

  7. Ari Ari says:

    I m kind of disappointed in this anthology actually, there were only two stories that stood out to me, and I skipped through a few others because I just couldn t get into them.The two stories I really liked were Influenced Isolated, Make Peace by John Chu and Trickier With Each Translation by Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam Both were very early in the anthology, so

  8. Sara Sara says:

    Time to make some notes about this one, so I can let my mother borrow it Original Shorts Sectionpg 69 We let a man name himself after his children, after a country not relevant to any of them, not true to any story of their lives We assert that names are changeable, assignable at whim, and then we attach unalterable value to them pg 273 The Tip of The Tongue

  9. Marco Marco says:

    Lightspeed is a very well known science fiction and fantasy magazine Even in science fiction, supposedly the genre of limitless possibility, where everyone is invited to the adventure, minorities are often underrepresented Last year Lightspeed started the destroy science fiction series, a yearly program focusing on underrepresented minorities to give them a voic

  10. Jasper Jasper says:

    originally posted at while back I read the short story Pockets from Amal El Mohtar which was a very cool story and I have been keeping my eye out for another story to appear from her and this month in the special issue of Queers Destroy Science Fiction from Lightspeed Magazine wherein another one of her stories appeared Madeleine.I read the store once and didn t re

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