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From the New York Times bestselling novelist, a stunning story of a great medieval warrior king, the accomplished and controversial son of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine Richard, Coeur de Lion They were called The Devil s Brood, though never to their faces They were the four surviving sons of Henry Plantagenet and Eleanor of Aquitaine With two such extraordinary parents, much was expected of them But the eldest charming yet mercurial would turn on his father and, like his brother Geoffrey, meet an early death When Henry died, Richard would take the throne and, almost immediately, set off for the Holy Land This was the Third Crusade, and it would be characterized by internecine warfare among the Christians and extraordinary campaigns against the Saracens And, back in England, by the conniving of Richard s youngest brother, John, to steal his crown In Lionheart, Sharon Kay Penman displays her remarkable mastery of historical detail and her acute understanding of human foibles The result is a powerful story of intrigue, war, and surprisingly effective diplomacy, played out against the roiling conflicts of love and loyalty, passion and treachery, all set against the rich textures of the Holy Land Lionheart

About the Author: Sharon Kay Penman

Penman received her bachelor s degree from the University of Texas at Austin, she majored in history, and also received a Juris Doctor J.D degree from Rutgers University School of Law, and later worked as a tax lawyer The Sunne in Splendour, a novel about Richard III of England is one of the most popular books on the Historical Novel Society s list of best historical novels In 1996, following the success of When Christ and His Saints Slept which dealt with the Anarchy and the early career of King Henry II of England , Penman ventured into the historical whodunnit with four mysteries set in the court of Eleanor of Aquitaine during the reign of Richard I The mysteries did not enjoy the same success as her straight historical novels, to which she returned in 2002, with Time and Chance, again covering the life of Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry II In 2008, she published Devil s Brood, which was to be the final book in her trilogy about Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine She soon realized that there was stillof the Angevins story to tell and the result was Lionheart , followed by The King s Ransom Henry and Eleanor s celebrated and controversial son, Richard the Lionheart is the major character in both books, although Eleanor, John, and Richard s favorite sister, Joanna, also get to spend time on center stage She has just finished The Land Beyond the Sea, set in the Kingdom of Jerusalem in the late 12th century It will be published in the U.S by G.P Putnam s and in the U.K and Down Under by Macmillan and co the publication date is early March, 2020.

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  1. Misfit Misfit says:

    Over the years I have tried several different novels that focused on the Lionheart whilst he was on crusade, yet none of them really managed to engage me although they did make for good sleeping pills I d about given up hope on ever finding one that would hold my interest until word came that Sharon Kay Penman was planning to continue her Angevin series with a book on Richard and I was dancing with

  2. Terri Terri says:

    What rating does one give a book that was not only not read to the end, but was only read to 60 pages Only on special occasions do I actually give a rating to a book if I have not made it to around 100 pages or in the case of a book the size of this brick roughly 250 pages.This is one of those special occasions I learned enough about this book in those 60 pages to write a 10 page review But I won t of

  3. Althea Ann Althea Ann says:

    A quote from Carlos Ruiz Zaf n I think you have to be careful with research in fiction I believe the best way to use it is to learn a lot yourself about what you re going to write, and then don t really usethan 1% of all the research you ve done, at least visibly the effective way to use research in fiction is to internalize it and embed its essence in the narrative fabric of the tale Information only wo

  4. SonOfYork SonOfYork says:

    I could not put this book down Ms Penman, my fair lady, you are a new favorite

  5. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    I have enjoyed all of Sharon s books, but this one ranks up there with Sunne in Splendor in terms of completely resetting my opinion of a person from history I started the book being indifferent to Richard I grudgingly had to admit, chapter by chapter, that he began to grow on me By the end he really had endeared himself to me.As with all of Sharon s books, the characters are classic Penman luring you into the

  6. Ellen Ekstrom Ellen Ekstrom says:

    Bad Son, Bad King, Bad Husband, but Medieval RockstarSharon Kay Penman continues her saga of the most dysfunctional family of the twelfth century, the Plantagenets, with this first of two books about Richard, Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine s third son, who later became known by his nickname, Lionheart In fact, he s the only English monarch not known by his reignal number If you said Lionheart to someone today,

  7. B the BookAddict B the BookAddict says:

    Ms Penman take a bow 4.5

  8. Iset Iset says:

    If the truth be told, I begin to run out of words for my reviews of Sharon Penman s novels Without a doubt, the publication of Lionheart was the most anticipated event of my literary year, and I can hardly convey my impatience as I waited to get my hands on a copy One of the best things about the publication of a new Sharon Penman novel is that feeling of security which creates even higher anticipation the consistency

  9. Debbie Debbie says:

    Here s the problem with historical fiction the fiction part has to ring true and be as interesting as the historical part It doesn t with this book I know it got great reviews and I really wanted to like it but I just lost interest Partly it was because of some of the inane conversations that the author made up between characters the fiction part of the story for example. the author could have Richard and Berengaria discu

  10. Patricia Bracewell Patricia Bracewell says:

    There is no question that Ms Penman is a remarkable writer who has taken a huge task on her shoulders in writing this book LIONHEART is written on a huge canvas It does not cover a great span of time, but the number of characters is staggering, especially for someone, like me, listening to the audiobook, without the advantage of being able to flip back to earlier chapters to remind myself how this archbishop or that noble co

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