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Lummox Tells the story of Bertha, a young immigrant woman who cleans the homes of the rich, and is largely ignored by them, except for a young poet who considers her a museLummox, Fannie Hurst s second novel, was written from the perspective of one of society s throwaways a hardscrabble servant named Bertha, whose labor keeps her employers well housed and well fed although she earns only condescension, humiliation, sexual assault, and a bare bones wage Fannie Hurst October ,February ,was an American novelist and short story writer whose works were highly popular during the post World War I era Her work combined sentimental, romantic themes with social issues of the day, such as women s rights and race relations She was one of the most widely read woman authors of the th century, and for a time in the s was one of the highest paid American writers, along with Booth Tarkington Hurst also actively supported a number of social causes, including feminism, African American equality, and New Deal programs Although her novels, including Lummox, Back Street, and Imitation of Life, lost popularity over time and as of the s were mostly out of print, they were bestsellers when first published and were translated into many languages Wikipedia

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  1. Wendy W Wendy W says:

    This book is a classic by a classic author, and I bet you have never read it A clumsy larger woman again. working as a maid. her inner emotions Found this among the heavenly dusty old stacks up three floors at the massive Cleveland Public Library downtown Cleveland on Superior Ave in 1990 I THINK THEY STILL H

  2. Angie Fehl Angie Fehl says:

    3.5 StarsThis novel introduces readers to Bertha, a domestic servant working for wealthy New York families right around the turn of the 20th century Bertha is a large woman, 5 10 and stocky in build, plain in the looks department Hefty washerwoman type Her no frills, blue collar look and quiet nature lead many

  3. Brian Brian says:

    Some unnecessary plot contrivances aside, this is a remarkable novel that deserves to be read and celebrated asthan just a dated sentimental tale Bertha is a character with the curious, enduring power to exalt us It is not just her noble, almost maddening outward equanimity that s so powerful her yearning and h

  4. Dona Krueger Dona Krueger says:

    A classic This was written by a woman about women trying to survive in the early 1900 s Difficult to see the amount of work required to barely live and yet be treated with complete indifference and cruelty by the so called elite.

  5. James (JD) Dittes James (JD) Dittes says:

    I read this book, mainly, because my great grandmother had worked in New York City as a cook and housemaid after migrating from Ulm, Germany, in 1898 about 20 years before the action in the book I had learned about Fannie Hurst at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC.The titular Lummox of the book is a

  6. Pascale Pascale says:

    Powerful and sumptuously written This is the story of Bertha, a strong, quiet and compassionate cook and maid of all works whom shallow people often mistake for a dim wit or lummox Bertha is anything but, and even inspires one of her first employers, Rollo Farley, with his one and only poetic masterpiece, The Cath

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