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Master's New Pet 3 Ever since he was a teenager, Rick wanted a Canid Genetically engineered creations, Canids are mostly human with a splash of canine DNA to give them dog ears and tail, and a couple of other traits besides Totally obedient, always agreeable to sex, and specifically engineered to be utterly gorgeous Now that he s had Sammy for a month, he takes Sammy to a Canid Park so that everyone can watch just how much fun they have together This is the FINAL part of the Master s New Pet series It s a HOTM M short story including oral and anal sex, rope bondage, voyeurism and genetically engineered sex slaves with animal DNA It is STRICTLY for adults only

About the Author: Cat Summerfield

Cat Summerfield has been writing for years but this is her first venture into publishing She s been reading even longer than she s been writing, and has far too many books on her shelves if there is such a thing and evenon her Kindle app The only thing better than a day spent reading is a day spent writing, especially if cake is also involved.She lives in the UK, where it rains a lot, and longs for sunny days and mountains.

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  1. Henry Wente Henry Wente says:

    Not quite as hot as the second part, still a nice if very short smutty piece for fans of public exposition with their sweet puppy place.

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