Mithril City of the Golem MOBI ð Mithril City MOBI

Mithril City of the Golem Using the same D game system as the rd Edition fantasy roleplaying rules, sword sorcery books provide fantasy gamers with a host of new core rulebooks, campaign sourcebooks, challenging adventures and game accessories Sword sorcery is the largest independent publisher of D material, with authors such as the father of fantasy himself Gary Gygax, and Monte cook, the co creator of rd Edition and author of the rd Edition DMGCampaign city sourcebook for the city on the Blood Sea coast

About the Author: Anthony Pryor

I started writing in the iron age of roleplaying games, back in about 1986, writing material for FASA s Battletech before moving on to other products like Shadowrun, Bard Games Talislanta, and TSR s second edition of Dungeons and Dragons More recently I ve done product development for White Wolf Sword and Sorcery Studios Scarred Lands setting and for Frog God Games My new supernatural thriller trilogy The Shepherd is coming soon from Permuted Press, and is available for pre order through , Barnes and Noble, Google Play and Simon and Schuster I look forward to hearing from readers here and on my blog, so feel free to drop me a line if you re so inclined

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